Estancia San Lorenzo, Tierra de Pinguinos-Peninsula Valdés

In Punta Norte, Peninsula Valdes it is possible to lodge, observe around 600.000 Magellanic penguins per season and get immersed in daily activities of a Patagonian Sheep farming ranch. Estancia San Lorenzo Nature Reserve is the place.

Estancia San Lorenzo offers two nights all inclusive program in the guest house available for three guests, with an exclusive visit to the penguin colony and the different activities related to sheep farming: marking, shearing, and sheep enclosure with the help of herding dogs.

Meals are included and guests have the chance to taste the Traditional Patagonian Lamb cooked open flame.

Penguin Colony daily visits are also possible at three different scheduled times from September to March (11am , 2pm and 4pm). The trail circuit stretches through a penguin transit and burrowing area. It is also possible to enjoy astonishing views of San Matias Gulf and the wide beach used by penguins to get in and out of the water, and for resting. Ruins of the old Sealion-oil Factory can be seen at the end of the trail.

An authentic Patagonian experience not to be missed in your next visit to Peninsula Valdes.

Península Valdés Adventure

A thrilling close encounter with Patagonian nature and marine wildlife.

Península Valdés is a natural reserve in the Patagonia, located on the Atlantic coastline. It is renowned for the marine fauna that inhabits its beaches and surrounding waters, such as whales, penguins and many other seabird species, sea lions and elephant seals. Few places offer the possibility to observe so many animals in their natural habitat; this is a true and unique wildlife reservoir in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

For the chance to appreciate the abundant local fauna, we recommend our featured product “Peninsula Valdés Adventure”, tour that stands out from others because of the variety and quality of experiences included.

The first adventure of the day takes us to Estancia San Lorenzo, a pioneer sheep ranch located on the coastline of the San Matias gulf and 160 km away from Puerto Madryn.

This working ranch not only produces Australian merino sheep wool but it is also the home of a 600.000 Magellanic penguin colony, which brings us to this spot. On a 4×4 Overland truck we will reach the reserve and then trek towards the rookery, guided by naturalist guides. This may be the closest you will ever be of a penguin. Without altering their habitat, we will pass by and observe them.

Then, we will hop back on the 4×4 truck and go through the Cañadón de Fósiles, a fossil canyon witness of a million year history.

After the active part of the tour, we will get back to the estancia and enjoy an exquisite lamb on the spit in the old shearing barn, which was reconditioned to serve as a country restaurant, visitor centre and mini shop for local products and ranch souvenirs.

To finish the day, a 2 hour boat ride at sunset in Puerto Pirámides to watch Southern Right whales jumping and swimming around for the best pictures you could ever take. If we´re lucky, maybe these huge and majestic cetaceans will just pass us by so close to almost reach them. As close a you can be of wildlife itself.

For nature lovers, discover Patagonian marine fauna and fossil history as in no other place in Argentina.  


  • Operates from September 15th to November 30th on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Full day tour, 12 hs. From 7:30-8 am to 8 pm.
  • Book in advance; only 20 paxes allowed per day.
  • Basic service includes only 4×4 ride.
  • With additional cost: Access to Peninsula Valdés, visit to San Lorenzo and penguin rookery, lunch at San Lorenzo without beverages, whale watching boat ride.


Country Hotel & Penguins at El Pedral

Posada Los Juncos is a classic alpine house fully restored. Located in one of the most peaceful corners of Bariloche, surrounded by an ancient forest, facing Lake Nahuel Huapi. We offer a unique concept in accommodation in the town of San Carlos de Bariloche combining comfort with contents such as film festivals, cultural and gastronomic events, to make your stay in this part of the world, an unforgettable experience.

Ideal for couples, families, friends and travelers looking for different experiences and connection with nature and culture. We have five rooms with place for twelve people. This allows us to offer a personalized service and excellence. Feel welcome to come and enjoy what makes you feel better! Rediscover your favourite place in Patagonia!


Dusky Dolphins at Sunrise

A magical encounter in Puerto Madryn to appreciate maritime wildlife in its natural habitat at the quietest time of the day.

Puerto Madryn, in the province of Chubut, is mostly known as a whale watching site from May to December, and also for the penguin rookery in Punta Tombo, active from September to March. But in the summer, when the whale season is over, these Atlantic waters are visited by Dusky dolphins.

Dusky dolphins playing in Puerto Madryn_PH Jorge Barone

Among other areas, off South America this species range from Southern Peru to Cape Horn; commonly found from Mar del Plata to Peninsula Valdés. They can be easily spotted from the shore, jumping and surfing waves.

We discovered a funnier way to connect with these rare dark dolphins and with other maritime animals. Departing from the Piedra Buena pier at sunrise, when the tide is calm and the day begins, the chances to spot them are higher and so is to get closer to them.

A close encounter_PH Jorge Barone

Early in the morning, you will go on board a Zodiac boat and get deep into the waters of the Golfo Nuevo. Joined by the bilingual guides specialized in maritime fauna, through the navigation you will learn about this ecosystem and these dolphins’ biological cycle, reproduction, socialization and feeding habits.

Keep an eye on the water! Any subtle movement suddenly may become into wildlife in action right in front of you. You will share a moment in these magnificent animals´ lives, appreciating them in the freedom of their natural habitat.

Dusky Dolphins_Puerto Madryn 06As in any nature watching experience, you should expect surprises. Many birds -as the South American tern and the Magellanic cormorant- and also sea lions chose these Patagonian shores to rest on the cliffs and boulder beaches, so you may get to see and learn about them too when you pass by Punta Loma, where they settled their colony. If you are lucky, you may also meet other cetaceans curious enough to come close.

Sea Lion in Puerto Madryn_PH Jorge Barone

You will definitely enjoy this relaxing navigation, feeling the sea breeze and your heart pumping fast knowing that in any possible moment wildlife may show up as close to you as it can be.

Dusky dolphins in Puerto Madryn_PH Jorge Barone

  • Includes navigation on Zodiac boat, bilingual specialized guide, a snack, photography service (pictures not included). Transfers to and from the pier not included.
  • Operates daily from December to April. From two to three departures from Piedra Buena pier: 6:30 am (sunrise) – 9:30 am – 1:00 pm.
  • 2-2:30 hs Regular navigation shared with other guests. Departure is guaranteed (weather permitting) with a minimum of 10 pax. For this matter, we recommend this activity for groups, or check availability for FITS on specific required dates.
  • The navigation main objective is to encounter dusky dolphins but also visiting the sea lion colony in Punta Loma, Folias shipwreck in Paraná beach, Punta Este and piers; depending on time and weather conditions.
  • Activity subject to weather conditions. The navigation route and itinerary may change or the activity may be cancelled without previous notice. Dusky dolphins watching can not be assured given to the species characteristics and unspecified location.
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, cap or hat, a coat, drinking water.