ARGENTINA Entry Requirements – updated 07th Apr 2022

Non-resident foreigners from 7th April 2022 must only comply with the following health requirements:
  • Complete the affidavit approved by the National Migrations, about vaccination status and absence of COVID-19 symptoms within forty-eight (48) hours prior to the start of the trip. The Affidavit form is
  • Travelers must have COVID-19 health insurance with coverage for hospitalization, isolation and/or medical assistance for those who are positive, suspected or close contacts.
Those persons who enter the national territory for a period of less than Twenty-four (24) hours and do so by land will be exempt from health insurance coverage.
  • Persons entering the national territory who are not vaccinated or who have an incomplete vaccination scheme are recommended to carry out a diagnostic test for COVID-19 within twenty-four (24) hours after entering the country and its costs should be covered by the traveler.
The complete vaccination scheme will be understood as defined by the health authorities of the country of vaccination.Kids under Six (6) years old are exempted in all cases from the PCR or antigen test to enter the country.