Guides, Tour Leaders & Airport Coordinator

Obligations for Guides, Tour Leaders and Airport Coordinator

  • Know and have Kallpa’s protocols to be followed.
  • During the briefing / welcome of the passengers, they will inform about the sanitary measures that govern each place in addition to their planned activities.
  • Have your own sanitary kit. 
  • Use at all time face covering.
  • Have alcohol gel at the disposal of the paxs throughout the tour.
  • Keep the required social distancing and avoiding any greetings that involve physical contact, kissing, hugging or hand-shaking. 
  • The specialized guide will make sure to apply all the relevant procedures and protocols for the transport of tourists, when it is included in the provision of services, and will comply with the guidelines set by the health authorities for the transfer of people in small and medium vehicles.
  • Establish and inform external meeting points in order to avoid crowds in passenger arrival areas, hotel lobbies, etc., preferably via digital means.
  • Plan all stops intended for the use of public restrooms in locations where proper hygiene of the facilities have been previously checked.
  • Disinfect working tools and instruments, such as pens, folders, passenger identification signs, badges, and personal items such as glasses, keys and mobile phones thoroughly and frequently.
  • It is advisable to use personal microphones. If they need to be shared, use disposable covers or plastic wrap so that they may be properly disinfected prior to and after handling.
  • Report and leave a record of any COVID-19-related incident that may take place during the tour or guided visit.

Recommendations for Guides, Tour Leaders, Airport Coordinator

  • They will try to avoid crowds and spend a long time in closed places or poorly ventilated places. 
  • Before the starting of the activity ensure that the vehicle was ventilated.
  • Inform the cancellation or rescheduling policy of the provision of the service in the presence of symptoms compatible with COVID -19 disease in passengers, visitors or guides.
  • It is suggested that each passenger bring their own equipment and personal items to carry out the activity such as binoculars for birds watching, trekking pole, sanitary kit, individual box lunch, individual waste bag, among others. If provided by the guide ensure the correct disinfection.
  • Use a checklist to make sure that all safety and personal protection equipment required for performing the activity and preventing the spread of COVID-19 is available
  • Be aware of the responsibility involved and the role appointed in the crisis committee to guarantee compliance with the protocol to be followed. 
  • In activities that involve picking up passengers at accommodation facilities, tour guides should approach the front-desk staff to give their name and wait for the passenger outside the facilities, as long as permitted by weather conditions.
  • Check that passengers and/or visitors use their personal protection equipment properly throughout the activity. Make sure that face masks cover nose, mouth and chin and that the required social distancing is kept.
  • Check that no items belonging to the passengers or visitors have been left in the vehicle. If a lost item is found, place it inside a bag to be returned to the operator’s agency or hotel later. Once the vehicle has been checked, wash hands immediately.