Discover the City by Running in Buenos Aires

Running in Buenos Aires!

A new way to explore Buenos Aires. Running tours from 5k to 20k, discovering the city’s colorful side as we run through some of tits best known neighborhoods, scenic green parks and downtown cultural sites.

It is possible to discover the city while you keep fit & continue your running routine while you travel in Argentina. Private running circuits from 5k to 20k are available based on how far you want to run and which area of the city you would like to discover.

For travelers who are willing to join a group running tour, it is possible every Saturday departing from the iconic Obelisco. The run starts straight to Plaza de Mayo, continues to Puerto Madero, Retiro & Plaza San Martín. Finally run back to the meeting point along 9 de Julio Avenue, passing by Colón Theater.

For those Cruise travelers who want to stretch their legs, it is also possible to cover the main downtown highlights starting/ending in the port in a 10k circuit.

Discover Buenos Aires from a Porteño’s perspective running in BA!

Walk through ancient Inca roads! Trekking to the clouds.

Live this extraordinary experience in the Argentinean Northwest!

Walk through ancient Inca roads and discover old ruins and breathtaking landscapes. Enjoy unique moments interacting with locals while sharing special dinners and warm campfires.

The Trekking to the Clouds proposes three different experiences depending on how many days you choose to walk and the level of difficulty of each version.

Sillon del Inca 

This version is intended for those seeking for a mountain experience within the immensity of Quebrada del Toro. The trail leads to a peculiar panoramic lookout point where native villagers built an observatory (El Observatorio) to share the incredible view with visitors.  The path continues towards Sillón del Inca ruins where we will camp for the night. The way back is through Mount Golgota, passing by Abra del Caminante, reaching 3000 mts above sea level, enjoying wonderful panoramic views of the region. The day ends descending through Golgota’s slope down to the picturesque village of Ingeniero Maury.


For those looking for a more active experience and a deeper interaction with locals.

First night camping at Sillón del Inca Ruins, then on the second day, the trek continues up to Abra de la Cruz, the highest point of the trail (3400 mts above sea level). If the sky is clear, the immensity of Valle de Lerma, where Salta city is located, comes into full view. By the afternoon, the Reinaga family will be expecting us in their cozy mountain home expecting to share a dinner full of experiences as we enjoy a privileged view of the hills. During day three, the trek will continue from the deserted mountains towards the outskirts of the Yunga forest descending alongside Río Astilleros, where the vehicle to return to Salta will be waiting for us.

San Lorenzo:

For those travelers who want to extend and experience the full version of Trekking to the Clouds, it is possible to add an extra night and arrive in San Lorenzo. 

The third day, travelers leave the deserted area to enter the density of the Yunga forest. The night is spent at Miss Feliciana Sarapura’s house, with whom we will share our evening meal cooked with local ingredients and a very welcoming smile.

On day four, the trail takes us through the lower hills, the vegetation gets more lush as we approach the outskirts of the yunga’s forest. We may come across the local people herding their cattle as they move from one post to another looking for better grass.

In the afternoon we reach San Lorenzo village, near Salta city. As we get in the truck that will take us back we leave this wonderful adventure behind, treasuring memories that will never be forgotten.

Join us on this adventure, walk over the clouds and feel like touching the sky!

AUSTRALIS launches the ventus at the end of the world

When it comes to exploring the most remote corners of the earth, Australis gets the job done better than anyone else. With over twenty-five years in the market, the cruise company has built a reputation as the ultimate Patagonian experience. 

The Australis cruises literary sail to the end of the world, formally known as Cape Horn. Through this southernmost itinerary, which allows disembarkments with Zodiac boats, the passengers will be able to scout all the important sites of these virgin lands. From the Magellan Narrow to the Beagle Channel, Australis offers different excursions that cover all the wonders of Patagonia.

But, leaving generalities aside, the big news is that the Australis fleet has a new member:  the Ventus Australis, which will be setting sails for the first time this January. The Ventus was built at Asenav, internationally known Chilean shipyard. It has one hundred cabins, each one with a private bathroom and a panoramic view of the ocean. Passengers will be able to choose between three different cabin categories, nonetheless, the only difference lays in the space and not in comfort.

But, even though the rooms are really comfortable and have a magnificent view, most people prefer to relax outside. Among the many conveniences that the Ventus offers, there is a bar, a restaurant, and several lounges and relaxation areas where passengers can get to know each other, yet enjoying comfort and space. Australis also provides several on board entertainment options, such as a library filled with material on the flora and fauna of the region, as well as different board games. The crew is also in charge of organizing lectures for those interested in learning more about the characteristics of the area.

The service also includes international level gastronomy with thematic buffet lunches. You can take a tour through the flavors of Italy one day, and visit Japan on the next, just to give an example. For dinner, there is a la carte menu that will provide delicious options each day.

To guarantee that passengers enjoy this trip to the fullest, the Ventus, as well as the other Australis cruises, has a permanent crew of sixty-six members, including a special team of Patagonia experts that will lead passengers through the different expeditions providing details of the flora, fauna, and geological conditions of the area.

A lot more can be said about the conveniences of this cruise, but there is no doubt that the star here is the journey itself. This experience will allow you to grasp this mysterious sanctuary in the most profound way. Let yourself be surprised by the wilderness and get on board for an adventure that will stay with you for life.

If you wish to know more about Australis Cruises, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Executive at  Kallpa tour operator.


  • Feasible from September to April
  • Restrictions: None
  • Diverse itineraries may be chosen


  • Full board
  • Excursions in Zodiac boats
  • Bilingual specialized guides