Food Markets in Buenos Aires

Discovering food markets in big cities is always a fun adventure and a delightful experience and Buenos Aires is no exception. When it comes to this city, it is The City has a striking variety of local markets to see the many options offered throughout the different neighborhoods. Traditional, organic, weekly “feria” that combines food and flea markets, mobile & pop-up markets, and so on. If you are a vegan or a meat lover, So let’s dig further into Buenos Aires Markets and savor the ride as we present to you the following markets.

Mercado de los Carruajes – Downtown Buenos Aires – Retiro Neighborhood

Located at Retiro Neighborhood, Mercado de los Carruajes is housed in a historic building that is part of the Historic Heritage of the City. In the 19th century and early 20th century, it was used to store the carriages used by the Presidents of the Republic. Now it has been restored and houses first hand producers that offer a great variety of gourmet food and first-quality products to buy or enjoy in the many places of this urban market.


El Mercat – Villa Crespo neighborhood

Located in the heart of Villa Crespo, with an urban imprint and avant-garde design,  MERCAT  opens up to the world to become the meeting point for chefs, passionate diners and neighbors. Thus, Mercat Villa Crespo presents itself as ‘the return of the market to the neighborhood’. It was born inspired by the best markets in the world, combining quality gastronomy, proximity to the producer, fair trade and added value.

This new gastronomic market in Buenos Aires seeks to be a celebration space for the conscious consumer and a boost for local entrepreneurs (there are no chain stores) in an attempt to resume the post-pandemic movement.

Patio de los Lecheros – Caballito Neighborhood

Patio de los Lecheros, or “the patio of the milkmen” is an open-air food court in the heart of the Caballito neighborhood. The name comes from the site’s history as a former train station. where milk would arrive to the city from the dairy farms outside of the city until the sale of unpasteurized milk was prohibited in 1961. The choice of this location and its name is fitting for its current use because the men who would wait for the train bringing milk to sell it in the city were immigrants from diverse origins, and the current food patio reflects this diverse cultural legacy. The patio now hosts events with food trucks, an urban herb garden, a beer garden and sometimes live music, DJs, film projections and other cultural activities.

Don’t miss this tasty ride!!!


Horseback Riding between lakes – Tierra del Fuego

Horseback Riding between lakes  at the Heart of Tierra del Fuego.

Discover the amazing landscapes of Escondido Lake on a horse riding experience. 

Depart from Ushuaia Hotels around 3.30 pm, drive 55km along national road 3 crossing the Andes by Garibaldi Pass. Visit Laguna Escondida Ranch’ and Baqueano lodge, the starting point of the riding adventure. 

The estancia was founded in 1956 by Bronzovich Family who settled  in Tierra del Fuego to develop a business around the local woods, especially Lenga wood.  

Horses are one of the family’s passions and they have become very well known for being enthusiastic players of our National Sport , Pato.

As you arrive at the Ranch you will be invited for a one hour ride through the beautiful sub antarctic forests that hold incredible varieties of Nothofagus Trees. The trail takes you towards Lago Escondido shores and the amazing views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

On your way back to the  lodge a delicious Tea and Snack will be waiting as you share with the family stories and anecdotes of this far away land.

At 7pm you will be heading back to Ushuaia, arrival time being around 8 pm.

Remember to schedule this adventure on your next trip to Ushuaia!

Estancia San Lorenzo, Tierra de Pinguinos-Peninsula Valdés

In Punta Norte, Peninsula Valdes it is possible to lodge, observe around 600.000 Magellanic penguins per season and get immersed in daily activities of a Patagonian Sheep farming ranch. Estancia San Lorenzo Nature Reserve is the place.

Estancia San Lorenzo offers two nights all inclusive program in the guest house available for three guests, with an exclusive visit to the penguin colony and the different activities related to sheep farming: marking, shearing, and sheep enclosure with the help of herding dogs.

Meals are included and guests have the chance to taste the Traditional Patagonian Lamb cooked open flame.

Penguin Colony daily visits are also possible at three different scheduled times from September to March (11am , 2pm and 4pm). The trail circuit stretches through a penguin transit and burrowing area. It is also possible to enjoy astonishing views of San Matias Gulf and the wide beach used by penguins to get in and out of the water, and for resting. Ruins of the old Sealion-oil Factory can be seen at the end of the trail.

An authentic Patagonian experience not to be missed in your next visit to Peninsula Valdes.

Tango World Cup! Buenos Aires

Set your heartbeat to the rhythm of tango music!

If you are planning to travel to Argentina in September, there is a great opportunity to enjoy the best quality Tango performances in the world. he world Tango championship will be held in Buenos Aires and thousands of dancers from all over the world will attend to compete. Be a part of the best Tango event in the world.

As good Argentinians, we love tango music and dance   and we love to share this passion with everyone. Every year Buenos Aires receives thousands of people, who are passionate, curious and willing to experience Tango, either by just watching the shows available in the city or to rehearse their first tango dancing steps. Buenos Aires Tango Festival was created in 2003  and every year you can see the greatest dancing shows and contests where the best world performers participate.

In 2022, from the 6th to the 18th September, the Tango Festival will be held at “Teatro de la Ribera” known as the “House of Tango” in the well known La Boca neighborhood.

At the festival there will be two styles that will be displayed: tango scenario and tango salon (ballroom). Tango salon is characterized by the popular tango style where the close embrace cannot be broken or dancers cannot jump. On the other hand, tango scenario is characterized by the free and acrobatic choreographic style, which includes movements not allowed in the salon tango, as jumps and losing the embrace.

Once again, you can participate of the largest annual tango meeting that celebrates the tradition, promotes innovation and contributes to the generational and interdisciplinary encounter. This meeting gathers emerging artists, tango historical referents and a multitude of tango lovers and amateur dancers. 

Kallpa  invites you to become part of it!