Estancia San Lorenzo, Tierra de Pinguinos-Peninsula Valdés

In Punta Norte, Peninsula Valdes it is possible to lodge, observe around 600.000 Magellanic penguins per season and get immersed in daily activities of a Patagonian Sheep farming ranch. Estancia San Lorenzo Nature Reserve is the place.

Estancia San Lorenzo offers two nights all inclusive program in the guest house available for three guests, with an exclusive visit to the penguin colony and the different activities related to sheep farming: marking, shearing, and sheep enclosure with the help of herding dogs.

Meals are included and guests have the chance to taste the Traditional Patagonian Lamb cooked open flame.

Penguin Colony daily visits are also possible at three different scheduled times from September to March (11am , 2pm and 4pm). The trail circuit stretches through a penguin transit and burrowing area. It is also possible to enjoy astonishing views of San Matias Gulf and the wide beach used by penguins to get in and out of the water, and for resting. Ruins of the old Sealion-oil Factory can be seen at the end of the trail.

An authentic Patagonian experience not to be missed in your next visit to Peninsula Valdes.

Estancia Huemules in Esquel – Disconnect & reconnect with yourself

Stay in high-end private domes on a natural reservation in the heart of Patagonia. 

Experience pure contact with nature, without leaving behind all the comforts of the best lodging, exquisite food, and the most exciting outdoor activities.

Double or Triple Domes

Equipped with queen-size box spring and mattress with down duvets. Options: Mat Bed, twin or three beds. You fall asleep and wake up to an incredible view of the landscape. have a full-bathroom, hot water available round the clock, biodegradable bath products, and all the amenities the most discerning guest may expect.

Rooms are surrounded by Nature. The unique experience of sleeping in the forest implies feeling how the wind caresses the lenga tree branches, hearing birds warble and water flowing in the creek. The layout of these domes was designed to allow maximum privacy. Each guest has his own private deck with open views from his room.

To Feel Nature’s rhythms makes your experience unique at the same time, it will be plentiful: plenty of activities and flavors.


The reservation offers 6200 hectares of Patagonian Andean Forests with numerous circuits for the most incredible activities in Nature. Your stay includes daily excursions you can choose that demand different levels of physical effort.

These excursions will allow you to tour the lenga and ñire forests, cross melting snow-formed creeks and discover at every step new landscapes in imposing Patagonia. You will be able to see the most representative local fauna: woodpeckers, caiquenes, condors, foxes and deer, among others.

Between November and April, Huemules offer an incredible array of landscapes to enjoy. During this time of the year, you will be able to do some trekking, horseback riding, and mountain biking excursions, covering unique circuits with breathtaking scenery just in the company of the Patagonian immensity. 

 An ideal place to live Patagonia to the fullest!

There is no place like home! Visit Rancho Aparte

If you visit El Calafate, this is an experience you don’t want to miss. Enjoy  Rancho Aparte, one of the best closed-doors restaurants in El Calafate.

This great place is run by Gabo, a charming chef and host. His motto: enjoy life, feel at home, cook with love and make new friends is always in action giving Rancho Aparte a friendly and cosy atmosphere.

Twelve guests is the maximum allowed each dinner and soon everybody engages in lively conversation while Gabo shares some secrets of his cuisine and tells stories about  local traditions. All his preparations are exquisite and abundant and  the place is soon filled with the aroma of his fine cooking creating great expectation about the delicacies that will come.

Just relax and enjoy this memorable experience! Feel at home!

Not included: Transfers. Tips.

Includes: 3-step dinner with a welcome drink, entrance, main course, and dessert. Mineral water, soft drinks and wine.

Current Traditional menu: Entrance: Zucchini cream soup. / Main course: Braised lamb with mustard with wedge potatoes. / Dessert: Cheesecake with Calafate ice cream or white chocolate brownie with semi-bitter chocolate ice cream. / Drinks: Mineral water + soft drinks + ½ bottle of Saurus Malbec wine.

Current Vegetarian Menu: Entrance: Corn cream soup. / Main course: Vegetable au gratin stew. / Dessert: Cheesecake with Calafate ice cream or white chocolate brownie with semi-bitter chocolate ice cream. / Drinks: Mineral water + soft drinks + ½ bottle of Saurus Malbec wine.

Menus could change depending on the season and passengers specific food requirements.

Accommodation Suppliers

Accommodation suppliers obligation

  • All personnel having direct contact with guests & guests must wear face coverings inside the establishment (if it is so required under local regulations).
  • Implement a temperature measurement system at the entrance of the facility for guests and personnel. 
  • Each guest must carry their luggage.
  • Breakfast/Meals: there will be no buffet breakfast in all the hotels. Roomservice, à la carte breakfast or take away service will be prioritized (depending on the hotel). Guests will choose the option during check- in. Reduced capacity in restaurants. Avoid laying down utensils, plates, glasses, etc. on the tables before customers sit down.  A digital menu (QR code), menu via whatsapp or a laminated paper menu for easy disinfection will be available. 
  • Make alcohol-based hand sanitizers available in all shared spaces and ensure that water and soap are available in restrooms and that there is always adequate supply.
  • Arrange tables, chairs, other furniture so as to ensure that the minimum safe distance is kept in breakfast, dining and multipurpose rooms.
  • Workers must be trained and educated on how to detect COVID-19 symptoms and on COVID-19 prevention measures as per the official information disseminated by the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Republic.
  • The hotel must contact the jurisdictional health authority through the mechanism established by it, the presence of guests with symptomatic manifestations.
  • In cabins, hostel rooms and tents in campsites, sanitization of sleeping bags and daily ventilation will be carried out. In the tents it will be done once the passenger checks out. Thorough cleaning will be applied to surfaces and elements such as tent rods, canvas covers, fasteners, etc.

Recommendations for accommodation service providers.

  • It is suggested to digitize the check-in / check-out process with the aim of minimizing interactions between people and surfaces. Physical distancing will be maintained during the process. Avoid the use of pen and cash payments.
  • The establishments will have more exhaustive cleaning and disinfection protocols:
    • Each work space and customer service area must have intensified cleaning and disinfection schedules for all the usual contact surfaces of workers and guests. The frequency will be established depending on the traffic and number of people, ensuring surface cleaning and frequent contact at least three times a day.
    • Ventilation: 

a) Adopt the necessary measures for daily and recurrent ventilation of common spaces.

b) Those common spaces that do not have the possibility of complying with the necessary ventilation (fixed window spaces without openings to the outside) should be restricted in their use.

c) The spaces of constant circulation of people must have permanent ventilation.

  • Diffuse recommendations from the National Ministry of Health and the local health authority. Display OFFICIAL prevention information and telephone numbers that the Ministry of Health of the Nation and the local authorities have determined for the attention of the coronavirus problem in common circulation spaces.