Accommodation Suppliers

Accommodation suppliers obligation

  • All personnel having direct contact with guests & guests must wear face coverings inside the establishment (if it is so required under local regulations).
  • Implement a temperature measurement system at the entrance of the facility for guests and personnel. 
  • Each guest must carry their luggage.
  • Breakfast/Meals: there will be no buffet breakfast in all the hotels. Roomservice, à la carte breakfast or take away service will be prioritized (depending on the hotel). Guests will choose the option during check- in. Reduced capacity in restaurants. Avoid laying down utensils, plates, glasses, etc. on the tables before customers sit down.  A digital menu (QR code), menu via whatsapp or a laminated paper menu for easy disinfection will be available. 
  • Make alcohol-based hand sanitizers available in all shared spaces and ensure that water and soap are available in restrooms and that there is always adequate supply.
  • Arrange tables, chairs, other furniture so as to ensure that the minimum safe distance is kept in breakfast, dining and multipurpose rooms.
  • Workers must be trained and educated on how to detect COVID-19 symptoms and on COVID-19 prevention measures as per the official information disseminated by the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Republic.
  • The hotel must contact the jurisdictional health authority through the mechanism established by it, the presence of guests with symptomatic manifestations.
  • In cabins, hostel rooms and tents in campsites, sanitization of sleeping bags and daily ventilation will be carried out. In the tents it will be done once the passenger checks out. Thorough cleaning will be applied to surfaces and elements such as tent rods, canvas covers, fasteners, etc.

Recommendations for accommodation service providers.

  • It is suggested to digitize the check-in / check-out process with the aim of minimizing interactions between people and surfaces. Physical distancing will be maintained during the process. Avoid the use of pen and cash payments.
  • The establishments will have more exhaustive cleaning and disinfection protocols:
    • Each work space and customer service area must have intensified cleaning and disinfection schedules for all the usual contact surfaces of workers and guests. The frequency will be established depending on the traffic and number of people, ensuring surface cleaning and frequent contact at least three times a day.
    • Ventilation: 

a) Adopt the necessary measures for daily and recurrent ventilation of common spaces.

b) Those common spaces that do not have the possibility of complying with the necessary ventilation (fixed window spaces without openings to the outside) should be restricted in their use.

c) The spaces of constant circulation of people must have permanent ventilation.

  • Diffuse recommendations from the National Ministry of Health and the local health authority. Display OFFICIAL prevention information and telephone numbers that the Ministry of Health of the Nation and the local authorities have determined for the attention of the coronavirus problem in common circulation spaces.