Multi -Adventure in the heart of Iguazu Jungle!

This is a great and exciting experience for active travelers!

On this half day tour the action begins as Movitracks or 4×4 vehicles take you to the launching platform. From there incredible canopy-treks and jungle-walks take you through hanging  bridges and rappel climbing. You learn about the local flora and fauna of the Parana River as you fly over the jungle when ziplining or amaze as you rapel over a 12 mt high cascade.

The adventure starts with a 900-meter exploration trek to learn about the native Paranaense flora and fauna. On arrival at the first launching platform we get into the special equipment needed for the rest of the activities.

Our next highlight will start as we fly towards the second platform with a 300-meter zip line at the height of 70 meters. From there we will descend walking on a path towards the ravine of the Parana river where our next quest will take place.

The 3rd platform will test our balance. Our task will be to cross 2 bridges of 100 meters each hanging from the jungle trees and then rappel through an irregular ladder towards a waterfall of approximately 12 meters high. Another soft trekking of 1,500 meters will take us to the meeting point.

The experience ends but we can take with us all the wonderful adrenaline Iguazu Jungle has to offer!!

Includes transfer back to your hotel

Regular departure Monday to Saturday. Minimum age for the tour: 7 years old.

Recommendations: Use comfortable clothing (not light color), bring mineral water, repellent, sunscreen, hat.



  • Children under 7 years old and over 65 years old.
  • Pregnant women, people with osteoporosis, spinal problems or similar, with a history of heart or neurological disorders, with chronic lung diseases and any person with physical, cognitive and/or sensory disabilities who cannot respond to an eventual emergency.
  • Those people who exceed 120 kg.

The age limits are defined by the civil liability insurance policy that covers the company in the event of any contingency during the activity ”.


In Misiones Province, you can find the ideal place for nature lovers, birdwatchers, photographers and anyone willing to isolate themselves from everyday life: La Lorenza.

Emilio and Picu, a couple passionate about nature, share their private reserve with those who are willing to discover a different Iguazú. They define it as a secret spot beyond the famous waterfalls and off the beaten track.

La Lorenza is 50 minutes away from the city of Iguazú, immersed in a forest rich in biodiversity, medicinal plants, orchids, bromeliads, butterflies, and birds, many of them endemic to the ecoregion. Located on the Paraná River, the reservation is also a rural area where local families live and work the land.

It is possible to discover La Lorenza, through Half Day or Full Day discoveries which include a close encounter with nature within the reserve. We would like to recommend two of them.

LA LORENZA WALK & KAYAK, starts with a 30 min walk through the forest that will take you to the Urugua-i river bank where the kayaks will be waiting. Its calm waters are easy to paddle, an  invitation to observe the forest in a different perspective and to perceive with all your senses the surrounding nature.

You will have the chance to watch the second largest river in South America go by: the Paraná river. After 2.5 miles of kayaking, you will be back on land. A 45 minutes guided walk through the forest, immersed and surrounded by local flora and fauna to observe and learn, will take you to a deck overlooking the river with a privileged view. The visit ends at this unique place with a local appetizer. Although this activity i s suitable for beginners, it is required to be able to swim.

The other recommendation is LA LORENZA BY WATER. Upon arrival at La Lorenza a motor boat will be waiting for you to navigate up the Paraná River. After 15 minutes you will reach the Yasy cascade, a local hidden gem. In the intimacy of this breathtaking natural landscape, you can go for a swim and maybe even allow the waterfall to give you a massage. On the way back, you can enjoy a brief float down the Paraná River as we enjoy its calm waters. With a view of Paraguay on our private deck, by the bank of the Paraná River, a local appetizer will be offered. This is a good time to share endless local stories and curiosities.

A swim in the river or bathing under the Yasy cascade is possible and enjoyable as there are no aggressive animals in its waters.

If you would like to take part on any of these options at La Lorenza or learn more about other possible discoveries in this unique location, please contact us for more information.



OUTINGS . It is offered 2 daily outings: 

AM: from 9.00am to 12.30 pm. PM: from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm. During the winter season, from May to August, it is suggested to depart 1 hour before.

INCLUDED IN THE EXCURSION : Private bilingual guide English/Spanish. Hand sanitizer, hand fans, poncho raincoat. Private motorboat ride. Simple local appetizer. Water, and natural juice with seasonal fruit. Transfers. 


Transfers to La Lorenza

“Picada de la Selva” -Heavy appetizer with drinks.


OUTINGS . It is offered 2 daily outings: 

AM: from 9.00am to 12.30 pm. PM: from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm. During the winter season, from May to August, it is suggested to depart 1 hs before.


Private bilingual guide English/Spanish. 

Simple local appetizer. Water, and natural juice with seasonal fruit. 

Hand sanitizer and poncho raincoat. 

Sit on top kayaks.


Transfers to La Lorenza

“Picada de la Selva” -Heavy appetizer with drinks. 

 Be aware that from Iguazu to La Lorenza are 45/50 min drive.

yacutinga, nature and self-discovery

Explore the depths of the Argentinian jungle and also, the depths of your inner self at this exotic eco-lodge.

The Yacutinga project saw the light of day during a casual dinner when two friends talked about the idea of creating the first ecological lodge in the area of Iguazú Falls. From then on, it has grown to become the wildlife sanctuary that it is today.

At this lodge, you will find a variety of programs to connect with nature and learn about the local flora and fauna. There are different trekking paths, navigations and fauna watching. There is also a special program to release all stress through yoga and meditation and return to your daily routine filled with energy. The general idea is that guests can interact with the surrounding environment and live a unique experience. This original program is probably one of the bests that you can find at Yacutinga.

The meditation program was specially intended to encourage the relationship between man and nature, so it mixes the techniques of pranayama and meditation with interpretative nature activities. Guests will be able to enjoy a quiet sunrise meditation at the Palmetto tower, which offers a mind-blowing view of the jungle’s treetops, followed by a vital breakfast that involves strictly vegan or vegetarian food. Later, guests are invited to participate in a project that has been going on for several years, the native orchid rescue. Other activities in this program include yoga at the Hummingbirds Garden, meditation and Pranayama under the stars and herbal recollection, where we can learn about the healing properties of local plants.

Regarding the facilities, the lodge features all the conveniences to satisfy the guest’s needs.  Rooms are located in isolated houses- there are four rooms per house- and all of them have private bathrooms and a magnificent view of the jungle.

In terms of gastronomy, the menu proposes a tour through the local flavors, prepared and presented in a way that you will find at any international level restaurant. All ingredients come from local vegetable gardens and are organic. There are options available for vegetarians and gluten intolerant if needed. It is important to remark that, if you sign up for this incredible meditation program, all meals will be strictly vegan or vegetarian since the purpose of this is to help people to be conscious about good nutrition and self-care.

A lot more can be said about this place, but the truth is that you just have to experience it. At Yacutinga, you will find that special connection with nature but, more importantly, with yourself.  Regain that peace of mind that is so easy to lose in our busy city life and appreciate the simplicity and the greatness of nature.

If you wish more information on this lodge and its programs, please contact us at Kallpa Tour Operator.


Rainforest experience Chacra del Agua

Rainforest experience Chacra del Agua

Birdwatching, mountain biking, trekking & kayaking are some of the experiences you can have when traveling to El Soberbio to visit the Mocona Waterfalls. Several hotel accommodations offer a lot of activities and Chacra del Agua is one of the best options. They are a part of an awarded conservation program by the Secretary of Tourism for the preservation of the rainforest. The location is great. The rainforest experience Chacra del Agua is really worth sharing.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-4A private initiative with the purpose of preserving and displaying the remains of the “paranaense” rainforest and located 32 kms away from Saltos de Moconá is one of the main purposes of the Rainforest experience at Chacra del Agua (Mocona Waterfalls) at the entrance to the Yaboti Reservation which is protected by the UNESCO.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-2For a couple of days we stayed in one of the cabins that is a part of this “home lodge” as they call Chacra del Agua. The cabins were built using native wood and the design is an example of the traditional architectural style you will find in Misiones Province which combines German techniques from the XIX century with a strong influence from the Brazilian lifestyle. The cabins were built 1 meter above the ground and are separated 40 meters from each other, for privacy which is one of the main purposes. They are also perfect to enjoy the rainforest in absolute tranquility. Each cabin has a unique and distinctive view. You can gain access to your cabin by taking the wooden footbridge which communicates the cabins with the main building where breakfast and dinner is served. There you can enjoy a relaxing time sharing experiences with the owners Sebastian and Mariana, enjoying a glass of good wine and relaxed talk while they cook. It is really nice being able to share the table with them and other travelers who are staying there.

No tv’s in the rooms and no internet access, Only the quietness and the smell of the rainforest inviting us to relax and disconnect ourselves from the outside world.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-1 rainforest-experience-chacra-del-aguaWe enjoy the activities of Chacra del Agua during the day, There are several options such as mountain bike and trekking through the 2.5 km of trails found in the Chacra, One of the most exciting activities was kayaking through the Uruguay river on seat-on-top kayaks. Sebastian, who is also the guide for this experience, took us to remote locations at the entrance of the Yabotí Reservation (Yabotí means turtle in guarani language) guiding us and explaining the environment and the importance of preserving the natural reserve. Sebastian is also a professional photographer, you’ll see him capturing moments with his camera during the activity so travelers can take them back home. The activity takes between 2 and 3 hours. This is the time they’ve estimated for us to enjoy a personalised and unique experience; the good thing about the proposed activities is that they can be adapted to the needs and requests of the travelers, regardless of any earlier experiences they could have had with kayaking.

As Chacra del Agua is immersed in the jungle it offers a unique scenery for bird watching and photography. From all the cabins, trails and meadows you will be able to enjoy the biodiversity of the paranaense rainforest.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-5There is also a pool where you can enjoy a relaxing time reading, while seating on the deck, or refreshing yourself when the weather is hot.

If your travelers are looking for a unique experience to connect with the rainforest, enjoy great activities and be close to Mocona Waterfalls, then Chacra del Agua is a must. You can also contact our Account executives and they will provide some more information about experiences to enlighten your trips. Do not hesitate to ask!

Do you love great experience, watch our video of the Great Adventure at the Iguazu Falls