Rainforest experience Chacra del Agua

Birdwatching, mountain biking, trekking & kayaking are some of the experiences you can have when traveling to El Soberbio to visit the Mocona Waterfalls. Several hotel accommodations offer a lot of activities and Chacra del Agua is one of the best options. They are a part of an awarded conservation program by the Secretary of Tourism for the preservation of the rainforest. The location is great. The rainforest experience Chacra del Agua is really worth sharing.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-4A private initiative with the purpose of preserving and displaying the remains of the “paranaense” rainforest and located 32 kms away from Saltos de Moconá is one of the main purposes of the Rainforest experience at Chacra del Agua (Mocona Waterfalls) at the entrance to the Yaboti Reservation which is protected by the UNESCO.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-2For a couple of days we stayed in one of the cabins that is a part of this “home lodge” as they call Chacra del Agua. The cabins were built using native wood and the design is an example of the traditional architectural style you will find in Misiones Province which combines German techniques from the XIX century with a strong influence from the Brazilian lifestyle. The cabins were built 1 meter above the ground and are separated 40 meters from each other, for privacy which is one of the main purposes. They are also perfect to enjoy the rainforest in absolute tranquility. Each cabin has a unique and distinctive view. You can gain access to your cabin by taking the wooden footbridge which communicates the cabins with the main building where breakfast and dinner is served. There you can enjoy a relaxing time sharing experiences with the owners Sebastian and Mariana, enjoying a glass of good wine and relaxed talk while they cook. It is really nice being able to share the table with them and other travelers who are staying there.

No tv’s in the rooms and no internet access, Only the quietness and the smell of the rainforest inviting us to relax and disconnect ourselves from the outside world.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-1 rainforest-experience-chacra-del-aguaWe enjoy the activities of Chacra del Agua during the day, There are several options such as mountain bike and trekking through the 2.5 km of trails found in the Chacra, One of the most exciting activities was kayaking through the Uruguay river on seat-on-top kayaks. Sebastian, who is also the guide for this experience, took us to remote locations at the entrance of the Yabotí Reservation (Yabotí means turtle in guarani language) guiding us and explaining the environment and the importance of preserving the natural reserve. Sebastian is also a professional photographer, you’ll see him capturing moments with his camera during the activity so travelers can take them back home. The activity takes between 2 and 3 hours. This is the time they’ve estimated for us to enjoy a personalised and unique experience; the good thing about the proposed activities is that they can be adapted to the needs and requests of the travelers, regardless of any earlier experiences they could have had with kayaking.

As Chacra del Agua is immersed in the jungle it offers a unique scenery for bird watching and photography. From all the cabins, trails and meadows you will be able to enjoy the biodiversity of the paranaense rainforest.

rainforest-experience-chacra-del-agua-5There is also a pool where you can enjoy a relaxing time reading, while seating on the deck, or refreshing yourself when the weather is hot.

If your travelers are looking for a unique experience to connect with the rainforest, enjoy great activities and be close to Mocona Waterfalls, then Chacra del Agua is a must. You can also contact our Account executives and they will provide some more information about experiences to enlighten your trips. Do not hesitate to ask!

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