Casa Santa Ana: charming lodge in Iberá

Imagine being in a place where wildlife is the lead. Let yourself get surrounded by the fascinating animal species of the estuary and live nature to the fullest in this magical resort

Located in Carlos Pellegrini, on the banks of Iberá Lagoon, Santa Ana is a typical house from the estuaries. In this peculiar Inn, you will experience the wilderness of a natural environment, yet having the facilities of a luxury hotel.

The area itself is something unique: the variety of the local fauna, which is one of the kind, is as rich as the variety of the landscapes. You can appreciate rivers, lagoons, mounts filled with lapachos (local tree) with the most colorful blossoms, meadows, and beautiful palm trees.

Casa Santa Ana, as other houses in the area, used to belong to a rural family until it was purchased and turned into an ecological lodge. Still preserving its rustic spirit, it has been restored to fulfill the needs of the guests. Its unique location, between the town and the lagoon, offers the possibility to have direct contact with nature and at the same time, with the traditions of the Correntinian culture.

The Inn features comfortable and simple rooms decorated with tin lamps and antique pieces of furniture. It has three triple rooms with a double and a single bed, and one double room with twin beds. All the rooms have private bathrooms with a bathtub, direct access to the gallery and view to the lagoon. There is also a separated house with two bedrooms connected by a living room. This house has also a kitchen and a semi-private garden, ideal for families with children.

When not involved in some excursion, the guests may enjoy sitting in the living room of the main residence next to the fireplace and reading a nice book from the house’s library. For the hot days, you can swim in the pool or take a walk around the lagoon and its private dock. Don’t be surprised if a carpincho (capybara– typical animal of the area) joins you through your walk around the garden or while you are having tea at the gallery.

To delight your palate, the inn’s chef offers a tour through the most traditional flavors of the Guaraní cuisine. All the ingredients are produced locally and the menu is prepared according to the season’s products. There are also special menus for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten intolerant.

Casa Santa Ana is not only an inn but a complete experience in the wild that will allow you to live nature like you’ve never done before. Among the many activities that the inn offers, there is horseback riding, cultural walks joined by a local guide, bird watching, photographic safaris, kayak, trekking through different paths, nautical safaris, boat riding, and many others.

If there is a word to describe Iberá, that is intense. The uniqueness of the region is positively one of the most amazing in the planet. If you visit Argentina, Iberá is without a doubt an obliged stop for nature lovers. And at Casa Santa Ana, you have full nature contact guaranteed.

The fees cover a full board stay with excursions included. Transfers in/out have an additional cost.

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  • Feasable all year
  • Transfers available from Mercedes or Posadas
  • Transfers in/out not included


  • Full board
  • Excursions


Visit the Unique Iberá Wetlands

Visit the Iberá Wetlands and make the best out of your stay at Aguapé Lodge.
This mix of swamps, bogs, stagnant lakes, lagoons, natural slough and courses of water located in the center and center-north of the province of Corrientes offers a unique ecosystem. An ideal experience for nature lovers!


Nature & Relax at the Iberá Wetlands

Right by the mysterious Iberá Wetlands, find a colonial and cozy natural environment, home-made meals and daily activities in the first touristic estancia in Corrientes, with the personalized attention of its owners.

Located northeast of Corrientes province, on the banks of the Iberá Wetlands and close to the San Ignacio Jesuit ruins, the Estancia San Juan Poriahú is a traditional ranch, nowadays dedicated to breeding cattle.

Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, a farm in the Ibera Wetlands, Corrientes Province, Argentina
Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, Iberá Wetlands, Corrientes Province.

Once upon a time a Jesuit residence itself, its origins date back to the 17th century when the Society of Jesus founded its famous townships in Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. Today, Ana María is the current owner of the estancia and Marcos -her son- is the one who takes care of it. The story goes that Marcos’ grandfather, Don Ernesto, surprisingly inherited the colonial farmhouse and 5.000 hectares from a friend that passed away. In time, more land was acquired to reach the final 13.000 hectares that the estancia occupies now.

Marcos used to spend his summer vacations here when he was a child and today he has become a renowned naturalist and expert of the area. Also he may be one of the guides that take you on a boat ride, drive or hike through this ecosystem and tell you everything he knows about it.

Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, Ibera Wetlands (Esteros del Ibera), Corrientes Province, Argentina
Capibara at the Wetlands

Visiting and staying at Poriahú is to travel back to colonial times. The aged Jesuit farmhouse has thick adobe walls, a palm roof (typical of this region), a gallery and an outdoor pool to relax and contemplate nature. There are also nine wide and simple twin rooms with private or shared bathroom. The family keeps an eye on the details and makes an effort to create a homey atmosphere in the rooms and common areas, such as the shared dining room and the living room. Meals are always homemade and include regional dishes. You may even taste our traditional asado!

Cattle at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, a cattle farm in the Ibera Wetlands, Corrientes Province, Argentina
Cattle at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu

Surrounded by an ancient and exuberant grove and the characteristic humidity of the marshlands, Poriahú is the best alternative to not only visit the historic ruins nearby but to take part on any ecotourism activity available at the region.

Among the activities that the estancia has to chose from, you can´t miss the boat ride through the wetlands. Jump onto a canoe conducted by a guide and navigate this magic aquatic environment girdled by colorful vegetation and rich native wildlife that you will be able to see and listen everywhere. You may spot roseate spoonbills, maguari storks, whistling herons, yacarés (caymans), marsh deers, aguará guazú (maned wolves), river otters and the cute capibaras or carpinchos.

Boat at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, Ibera Wetlands, a marshland in Corrientes Province, Argentina
Boat at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu

Other daily options include horseback riding joined by the resident gauchos, photographic safari, guided hikes for bird and fauna watching, night tour for yacaré watching, off-road 4×4 ride within the ranch and rural activities such as cattle branding and bath, among others. Keep in mind that the activities are subject to weather conditions.

Gauchos on a traditional Argentinian cattle farm, Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, Ibera Wetlands, Corrientes Province, Argentina
Gauchos riding through the Wetlands

After an active day you will certainly enjoy to relax by the pool and share a mate while the sun sets in this enchanting place, where nature and wildlife have open access at anytime.

Swimming Pool at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu, Ibera Wetlands, Corrientes Province, Argentina
Swimming Pool at Estancia San Juan de Poriahu

Please, contact your Kallpa Tour executive for more information about the 4 days / 3 nights program with accommodation and activities at Estancia San Juan Poriahú in Esteros del Iberá.