Finally, the natural and cultural heritage of Iberá is protected for future generations in a tourist attraction of international level.

The Iberá Wetland is the second largest of South America, with an extension of 12.000 km2 that keeps great biodiversity and a rich cultural heritage.

After a long time, in December 2018, the National Congress in Argentina approved the creation of the Iberá National Park in Corrientes, aiming to expand and upgrade conservation protections for land within the Iberá Provincial Park. The result: a natural park of 712.800 hectares that hosts 4000 species of flora and fauna in its wetlands, pastures, spinal forests and small jungles.

This was one of the focuses of the Conservation Land Trust Argentina (CLT), created in 1992 by the late entrepreneur and ecologist Douglas Tompkins and his wife Kristine, for which the NGO donated the lands for.

The CLT is dedicated to the creation and/or expansion of national or provincial parks to ensure the perpetuity of their ecological and evolutionary processes with the strongest long-term protection guarantee possible. Also, it supports programs for the protection of wildlife, reintroduction of locally extinct species, land restoration and programs for local development, normally involved in ecotourism, sustainable farming and environmental education.

In the new national park there are ten reintroduction projects for local species already: the yaguareté, the deer of the pampas, the anteater, the tapir, the collared peccary, the great red macaw, the muitú, the giant otter, the aguará guazú and the chuña with red legs. According to CLT, it is “the largest project of reintroduction of locally extinct fauna of America, and the only one in Argentina of this magnitude”.

In 2007, the first release of anteaters was made, a species that had disappeared throughout the province. And in 2012, with the support of the provincial government and other foundations and companies, a breeding program for yaguaretés began on the island of San Alonso -for which the Yaguareté Reintroduction Center was created. In June 2018, the first two specimens were born after decades of absence of the species in the province.

The CLT offers the possibility of becoming a part of their projects of ecosystem restoration by discovering and experiencing the Iberá through any of the selected accommodations available: Rincón del Socorro Lodge, San Alonso Lodge, Iberá Lodge and Uguay Lodge.

Because of the unique character of each one, and the wide array of rates they offer, these options complement each other well and may also be combined during a single stay for a varied, colorful experience.

All the accommodation options offer not only very comfortable and warm lodging facilities surrounded by nature, but also meals and activities to discover the wetlands. Boat rides, horseback riding, guided hiking, kayaking…fauna sightings guaranteed!

One of the benefits of Iberá, is the possibility of visiting the wetlands for a few days. Three to four days of stay are enough to enjoy this natural environment and participate in the activities offered.

We invite you to visit this new attraction in Argentina, a unique place to be more in contact with nature than ever.


Bright waters & cozy rooms in Iberá

A historic estate feeling mixed with the renew touch of the modern refurbishment make of Puerto Valle a unique resting place.

History, nature and refinement can be found at this traditional manor in Corrientes, built in 1868. Along with a 14 hectares park, Puerto Valle Hotel provides its guests exclusive access to the rich biodiversity of this enchanting spot at Iberá Wetlands.

The surroundings meet deep into the wetlands, featuring lakes, marshlands and floating soil formations against the backdrop of the native forests and the Paraná river. Also, the estate engages in a series of productive sustainable activities such as forestry and cattle-raising.

Among the common spaces in the old mansion, the living room is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the views of the park and the river from the large windows and terraces. For visitors in the winter time, the library with its fireplace and bookcase provide an ideal cozy setting.

The park surrounding the manor was designed by the prestigious landscaping firm of Carlos Thays, including a vast diversity of native and exotic species plants, trees and flowers.

For the warm summer days, a palm roof set with deck chairs, an outside pool and a quincho are at your disposal to use and enjoy.    

The in-house cuisine promises “regional flavors, unforgettable pleasures” for every meal. Breakfast and tea time with homemade pastries including the local classic chipá (cheese bun).  

Typical local ingredients such as river fish, tropical and citrus fruits have been part of local recipes for ages. A both traditional and contemporary menu offers aromas and flavors perfectly paired with an excellent selection of national wines. All gourmet dishes are made and seasoned with herbs and vegetables grown at the hotel´s organic garden.   

Spread around the old mansion and a new building, all the rooms combine thoughtful details, exquisite architecture and design with views to the Paraná river.

Spacious and luminous with large windows, the eight Deluxe rooms in the new building have a dressing area, spa-style bathroom, a private terrace and outside shower. King-size bed or two twin beds can be applied.

In the old house, there are two Superior rooms with adobe walls, high ceilings and plenty of space. They have a king-size bed and a small living-room that can accommodate an extra bed.

To get to know the wetlands and explore nature, Puerto Valle offers a few excursions: a soft hike across the Monkey Trail and into the lavish vegetation in search of the traces of howler monkeys; birdwatching -being the Iberá Wetlands the largest protected area in Argentina hosting more than 350 bird species; horseback riding in the sunset along the exclusive pine and eucalyptus trails of the estate; navigating the Paraná river on an engine boat or kayaking these quiet waters.

Puerto Valle invites guests to relax, enjoy the silence and connect with nature as in nowhere else. For those wildlife and outdoors lovers, this is the perfect place to stay!

Wetland wildlife & tradition at Iberá

Visiting the tropical Iberá Wetlands in Corrientes is a must. But even more is staying at Estancia San Juan Poriahú and enjoying its activities and homemade meals.

Almost a year ago we introduced this traditional estancia located northeast of Corrientes province, on the banks of the Iberá Wetlands and close to the San Ignacio Jesuit ruins.

Still dedicated to stockbreeding, San Juan Poriahú provides accommodation, full board and outdoor activities for anyone willing to immerse into this mysterious ecosystem. 13.000 hectares, including its own fauna reserve, surrounded by an ancient and exuberant grove and the characteristic humidity of the wetlands.

Although the estancia is one of the oldest in the region (it was founded by the Jesuits in the 17th century), it keeps its colonial charm and has been preserved and adapted to receive tourists from everywhere.

The ancient farmhouse is warm in the winter and refreshing in the summer, thanks to its thick adobe walls, palm roof (typical of this region) and outside gallery. Also, it has nine wide and simple twin rooms with private or shared bathroom, all of them very homey and comfortable, decorated with antique furniture and country details.

A huge park and the swimming pool invite you to relax on summer afternoons, while contemplating the natural surroundings.

Homemade delicious meals are served daily in the shared dining room. You will try regional dishes and the traditional asado.

During your stay you will take part of some outdoor activities to get to know the wetlands. You can’t miss the boat ride! Jump onto a canoe conducted by a guide and navigate this aquatic environment girdled by colorful vegetation and an incredible array of wildlife all around. You may spot roseate spoonbills, maguari storks, whistling herons, yacarés (caymans), marsh deers, aguará guazú (maned wolves), river otters and the cute capibaras or carpinchos.

Other daily options include horseback riding joined by the resident gauchos, photographic safari, guided hikes for bird and fauna watching, night tour for yacaré watching, off-road 4×4 ride within the ranch and rural activities such as cattle branding. Keep in mind that the activities are subject to weather conditions.

The estancia fully operates year round, except on Holy Week holidays and July. You may visit the Esteros whenever you like. Due to its tropical weather, theres no dry season. For birdwatchers, the best time to visit is on August or September.

Dont forget that the stay at San Juan Poriahú includes full board with drinks and excursions. Please contact us for more information and rates.