W circuit excursion Torres del Paine

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Maybe you wonder why this is called the “W Circuit”? The “W” is the union of the interest points visited which forms a perfect W through the paths surrounding the Paine Massif. The circuit takes 5 days long to visit the principal attractions and to have a unique experience in this National Park of the Chilean Patagonia.

The principal attractions of the W Circuit are:

  • w-circuit-excursion-torres-del-paine-5Torres del Paine Base: this is the most famous trekking trip of the Torres del Paine National Park. After climbing for approximately 4 hours into the “Valle del Río Ascencio” [Ascencio River Valley] and through the millennial lenga forests, the “Mirador Base Torres” [Towers Base Viewpoint] with an impressive view of the 3 towers, its hanging glacier and its lagoon are reached.
  • French Valley: located at the core of the Circuit. After an intense trekking and climbing experience one of the most overwhelming sights y less visited places of the National Park is reached. The view of the amphitheater formed by a series of granitic mountains and hills is absolutely unbeatable!
  • Grey Glacier: hiking trip to approach the Grey Glacier Viewpoint, its trail surrounds the east side of the Grey Lake and the west area of the Big Paine. Grey Glacier is one of the glaciers part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, third source of fresh water of the planet.

Here you can see a map with the point of this journey:



As it is well known, the Patagonia is famous for its unstable weather and strong winds, each day you can be surprised in one way or another. So it is important to be well prepared for the walk and tour we make. In the summer it can even be very cool and rainy; therefore you should bring a jacket, waterproof clothing and specific equipment required.

Not to get sunburnt, not to get wet or to feel cold, Jeremy, a professional guide from Torres del Paine, explains on the video you can see by clicking here, the necessary equipment to enjoy the W.


In addition to your backpack, remember you should pack the following elements to spend the night in any of the shelters…

Note: The necessary suggested equipment is for travelers who stay and eat inside the shelters or who camp or rent the equipment at each camping; not needing to bring any camping equipment or food.

1.- Waterproof and warm jacket: On a regular day at the Torres del Paine you may experience the four weather seasons  of the year (rain, sun, wind, snow, heat and cold).

2.- Waterproof pans: Important to protect yourself from rain.

3.- Polar vest: While you travel you may feel hot, therefore a short sleeve polar may be the appropriate one. However, when stopping the hike you may need to put on the waterproof jacket again. Another option is to use layered clothing.

4.- Gloves, sun protection hat and wool hat.

5.- Sun block and glasses: Sun is harsh even in the south of Latin America.

6.- An additional pair of socks, underwear, T-shirt and shorts are very necessary.



7.- Personal hygiene: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, soap and shampoo. In the middle of the mountains of the Andes there are no pharmacies and no supermarkets, so if you forget bringing these objects, for many days you will not look clean at all.

8.- It is always useful to carry a lantern (with extra batteries), toilet paper and some first-aid elements.

9.- A towel and sandals would also be appropriate in order to shower. Shelters have got showers.

10.- Have your video or photo camera ready to capture the magical moment. It is a sustainable place where electrical energy is limited, therefore in some places there is no electricity and if the traveler does not take batteries it may not have the possibility of charging his/her camera or device

11.- A bottle to refill with water and snacks such as dry fruits to feed yourself with while your are walking.

12.- Trekking poles.

13.- For a greater safety, inside the backpack place a garbage bag and then pack your staff, in this way, if it rains or if you ruin your backpack, your belongings will remain dry.

14.- And ready. You have everything to go an enjoy of Torres del Paine.

As you see, there are a lot of alternatives to travel to Torres del Paine and enjoy it in a new and awesome way. If you need further assistance about this W Circuit Excursion Torres del Paine you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.


Villa Pehuenia Ski Resort

Patagonia Argentina holds secrets that even many Argentines don’t known. There are places where sustainable projects and amazing landscapes meet, like the Villa Pehuenia Ski Resort in Neuquen, Argentina. We love sharing this kind of projects and locations that we know are a treasure of our country.


Villa Pehuenia Ski Resort “Batea Mahuida”, located 370 kilometers from Neuquén; is a ski resort that belongs to the Mapuche community Puel. Since the volcano “Batea Mahuida” went out, a lagoon was formed in its crater near which the “Mapuches” were installed. Its name means “high source”. One objective of this ski resort is the conservation of the area and the customs of the Aboriginal community who is in charge of this project.

This is part of the story: Colonel Abel Balda, an expert Antarctic mountaineer and ski instructor, was the creator of the ski center Caviahue and the Snow Park Cerro Wayle by means of the Caviahue SA Park company. Balda at the request of the Mapuche projected and helped the community to create this Snow Park.


Something we love about this ski center is that you can ski and also make other activities. It offers several services and their rates are very affordable, it is not a ski resort for crowds and that makes you enjoy more. Beyond its height, about 1900 meters above sea level, the volcano has plenty early snow, which makes it very attractive to those who are ski lovers as we are. You can practice Nordic or Alpine ski.

As a result, the season is one of the longest of all, starting in June and ending in October. The slopes prepared to practice skiing are protected from the wind and have large amounts of snow. You can ski for 5 months, which makes it one of the best seasons to enjoy from the snow.


In “Batea Mahuida” you can practice Nordic and Alpine skiing, you can take snowmobile rides or snowshoe walks in the Araucaria forests. The place also has got a small cafeteria where besides eating typical meals of the region, you can also buy Mapuche weavings.

Something that really struck us is the panoramic view we have of Icalma, Villarrica and Lanin volcanoes as well as lakes Aluminé and Moquehue. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapes we have enjoyed in the Patagonia Argentina.

The park has got different lifts: a 600-meter T-Bar, a 200-meter Poma. In addition, it offers rental equipment (ski, boots, poles, skates, etc.), snowmobiles, dog sledding track, cafeteria and restaurant, first aid room, ski patrol service, kiosk and free parking.


We invite you to visit this wonderful destination and enjoy the snow and the landscape Villa Pehuenia offers.

As you see, there are a lot of things to do in Argentina Patagonia. If you need further assistance about Villa Pehuenia Ski Resort you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.


Journey to El Chalten

Journey to El Chalten, the trekking capital of Argentina With the snow-capped magnificence of the Fitz Roy Range nearby, Led by an experienced local tour guide, there is no better way to learn about local wild and plant life and the history of the surrounding mountains.


The Laguna Torre also offers incredible scenery and rewarding trekking – and there’s ample opportunity to be awestruck by the sheer might of the jagged Mt Fitz Roy. Travel back to El Calafate for some well-deserved downtime before the trip comes to an end.

El Chalten was founded in 1985 on the Northern edge of Los Glaciers National Park following a border dispute with Chile, and has grown slowly with a permanent population of around 2,000, which almost doubles in Summer. Declared Argentina’s trekking capital, the area combines mountains, lakes, woodlands and glaciers and is blessed with spectacular scenery.

The story unfolded that in 1970 an Italian climber called Cesare Maestri made his second attempt to climb Cerro Torre and on his way up he carried a petrol driven compressed air drill and placed 400 bolts into the mountain. Many purist climbers believed that Maestri had ruined the mountain, taking away the challenge of scaling it naturally.


This viewpoint was also held by the two Americans and after climbing the mountain using a different route they descended on the Compressor Route and painstakingly removed 125 bolts and carried them off the mountain. Many argued that these actions would prevent lesser climbers from reaching the summit of Cerro Torre whilst others praised them for returning the mountain to its virgin state. It was certainly a bold course of action by the American climbers and demonstrated the power of their beliefs! All we really wanted as we left the mountain was a glass of wine and a large pizza so the thought of having to face the police for our convictions was certainly too much for us!!

Climbers from all corners of the globe come here to climb the world-famous peaks and in particular the highest and most iconic Cerro Fitz Roy at 3,441 metres high. The village also offers a range of activities such as hiking, camping, mountain biking and horse riding. The village is nearly 5 hours drive from its nearest neighbour and this remoteness has meant El Chalten has looked from within for creativity and locals have used their entrepreneurial nature to fill their village with excellent amenities like artesan boutiques, bakeries, restaurants, a micro-brewery and a wine tasting shop.

The first activity is walking in mountain ground. If you don’t like walking you better not go, there is a high probability to get bored. Only those who enjoy the wonders of nature and visiting remote places are welcome in El Chalten.

The National Trekking Capital of Argentina and the star of this South American adventure, that’s what describes best El Chalten. It is one of the top destinations for trekkers, the starting point, the path and place to reach that is beautiful from each point of view.

El Chalten is the destination to see the amazing Fitz Roy hill which is the icon of the Glaciers National Park. Is a small village where trekkers from all over the world join to experience one the best and more assorted circuits in the world. Keen trekkers flock to the area to make the most of the spectacular mountain scenery and the world-class hiking and camping. This is the destination with the first of two hikes, Laguna de Los Tres is the most famous trek due to its proximity to Mt Fitz Roy. Trekking from El Chalten in a fairly straight path, take in spectacular views of the lagoon and De los Tres Glacier; this trek is the quintessential excursion into this area and a perfect way to spend the day. Led by an experienced local tour guide or self hiking, there is no better way to learn about local wild and plant life and the history of the surrounding mountains. The other option is Laguna Los Torres which also offers incredible scenery and rewarding trekking – and there’s ample opportunity to be awestruck by the sheer might of the jagged Mt Fitz Roy.

El Chalten is also the great opportunity to put on your crampons and walk over the Viedma Glacier, a great circuit which is less concurred than the Perito Moreno Glacier.

All of this circuits can be done with or without a guide. The choice is yours. You can also ask for a Self Guided Hike provided by kallpa. We provide the gps, maps and tips and you only have to walk and enjoy the ride.

It is the place to get disconnected from daily news, work or city life. There is no Cellphone Signal. There are no banks. There is only one ATM, and you can also find public phones, and internet access but not much internet speed connection.

The weather changes all the time. You must always carry a rain proof windstopper, gloves, cap, sun glasses and sun protection.


As you see, there are a lot of alternatives to get to know El Chalten and Glaciares National Park. If you need further assistance about this Journey to El Chalten you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.