Piattelli Winery in Cafayate

Visiting Cafayate the first days of January our Sales Manager Daniela Pisani, had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious lunch in Piattelli Winery in Cafayate restaurant enjoying great views of their wineyards and sorrounding lanscape. Besides meals, Piatelli Winery offers a wide range of tours and activities related to wine culture.

Piattelli Winery in Cafayate

Piattelli Winery in Cafayate recently opened for tourists who share our passion for wines. The first wines of Calchaquies Valleys were presented. A great view, which you can see in the pictures, like a painting delaights the eyes of those who have the oportunity to have lunch here. Its arquitecture, was conceived like a colonial-antique style even when the building was built new. The entrance to the vineyard shows palm trees and native flora.

Piattelli has 193 acres in Cafayate Valley, divided in two farms: The Chasqui and Tres Cruces.

The Farm in Cafayate reaches an altitude of 1700 meters, with 60 sowed acres: 80% with red grapes and the other 20% with white grapes. The varieties planted in this farm include Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Cabernet Franc y Petit Verdot y la reina de valle, Torrontés.

The Farm Tres Cruces is in Animaná, 12 kilometers away from Cafayate, with 35 acres planted with the varieties of red grapes of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon y Petit Verdot but in minor quantity.

Piattelli Winery in Cafayate

Piattelli Winery in Cafayate manufactures 200 thousand bottles of wine, from which 95% is exported to The United States and the rest are sold in Argentina, high technology can be found in the porduction porcess with a full capacity of 960.000 liters and a wine cellar for 500 barrels the most are made of french oak.

Piattelli Winery in Cafayate

Regarding tourism, the vineyard is oriented to share experiences with the wine culture, gastronomy, nature, art and outdoor activities for those who love and share the passion of wine.

The biggest restaurant in the area is located here and it has a large menu with variety of regional gourmet cuisine. Has a capacity to house 180 people. It has an art place which was thinked to promote local artists and give them a space in the world of wines. You can also go into an excursion to know about the production of wine and have an unmatched and unique experience.

Classes of wines you can find in Piattelli Winery in Cafayate:

Premium Line Reserve: Torrontés de Cafayate 100% , Chardonnay de Tupungato100%, Rosé de Malbec, Malbec 100% de Luján de Cuyo, Cabernet Sauvignon 100% del Valle de Uco.

Great Reserve Line: Malbec Gran Reserva 100%, Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva 100%

Icon blend limited edition: Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, giving its original name to: Trinitá.

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Summits of the End of the World Trekking in Ushuaia

In the Summits of the End of the World Trekking in Ushuaia, we have a close encounter with one of the most beautiful landscapes of Tierra del Fuego

Description and Itinerary

Summits of the end of the world is a journey of trekking in Ushuaia. We are going in search of the most beautiful panoramic views of Tierra del Fuego. It is a journey of trekking, climbing the hills that surround the city to the north, where the best panoramic views of the area are obtained.

To start the summits to the end of the world trekking excursion we pick up you at 9 am in your hotel, have a short transfer to the beginning of the trail. The excursion is about 6 hours walk. According to the weather we will go on one way route, or come back on the same way. Transfer, Guide, Box Lunch and Equipment are include. You need to bring Wind Jacket, Water bottle, Day backpack, Globes and hat.

summits of the end of the world trekking

The tour begins at the city limit (beagle’s viewpoint neighborhood) and from there, following a path of the old prison of Ushuaia, we are going to climb to Cerro del Medio, A summit is simple to climb, but impressive sight. From its 800 meters high, feel like a Himalayan summit. We shall not cease to amaze us throughout your journey, surrounded by the most pristine nature and unique view, gives us the height. We’ll continue ascending the Cerro del Medio, Lagoon Margot, Roy hill, and keep walking the edge of Roy from where there are excellent views of the city, the bay and the mountains to the north . Then descends to the Martial Glacier. We passed the refuge Club Andino Ushuaia, the Martial and continues down to the base of the chairlift.

summits of the end of the world

You have to carry your camera because of the great views you’ll be able to have. We believe that you would want to photograph everything you see. We will bring amazing pictures and an unforgettable experience.

summits of the end of the world

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