Boho Chic Break in José Ignacio

Spend a few days at this enchanted, sublime and privileged corner of the Uruguayan Atlantic Coast.

Only 40 km away from the famous Punta del Este, this low-key and exclusive coastal town has been chosen by many Argentinean celebrities to settle their beach homes and also is a recurring destination for the international stardom to relax.

The town owes its name to a settler that inhabited the area during the Spanish conquest era. The namesake lighthouse -and local symbol- located at the rocky edge of the foreland, was built in 1877.

Jose Ignacio Faro_Posada Paraiso
José Ignacio´s Lighthouse

Little more than 30 years ago this place was just a fishermen’s village. As time went by, the land was occupied with magnificent homes. Even though services might still be a bit rudimentary (electricity may be off sporadically, there’s low mobile and Wi-Fi signal and there’s only one gas station at the entrance that could be out of gas for a whole day), people from everywhere arrive to this remote country and beach town to enjoy its exotic beauty, virgin beaches & deep blue sea, green country field and incomparable tranquility. The perfect spot to rest and let go.

This little peninsula placed between two lagoons (the Garzón and the José Ignacio) is only 2 km long and 800 metres wide. To the west, there is Playa Mansa (Quiet Beach), with its petit and colorful fishing boats and magical sunsets. To the east, the opposite Playa Brava (Rough Beach), wider and with imposing waves, ideal for surfers.

Jose Ignacio Beach_Posada Paraiso
Beach in José Ignacio

We would like to recommend staying at Posada Paraiso, a lovely small inn with a bohemian, natural and relaxed environment. Located just 50 meters away from the ocean, Posada Paraiso offers a quiet and cozy space with just few rooms elegantly decorated with a rustic beach style. An exterior seasonal swimming pool surrounded by a lush garden and hammocks, a bar and also a gourmet restaurant complete the inn’s postcard. Paraiso’s purpose is to spoil guests with a personalized attention and make them feel at home.

DBL Room with balcony_Posada Paraiso_Jose ignacio
Posada Paraiso room
Rest at Posada Paraiso
Rest at Posada Paraiso

Gastronomy in José Ignacio doesn’t go unnoticed. Gourmet cuisine including fresh fish and seafood, original and trendy dishes, renowned chefs’ signature restaurants, grills, hotspots and subtle on-the-go places…the culinary offer is exquisite and diverse.

What else can you do in José Ignacio besides having delicious meals? Essentially, this is a beach destination. Whether you visit the Brava or the Mansa, resting at the beach, sunbathing and swimming in the refreshing waters is a must for the summer (from november to march). It is also possible to practice water sports such as sailing or rowing boats, wind and kitesurfing.

Jose Ignacio Sea_Posada Paraiso
The Atlantic Ocean in José Ignacio

But this is an ideal place to stop by year round and be mesmerized with its sunsets at the beach, ride horses and visit the famous lighthouse, main square and art galleries, walk and shop around too.

From gauchos to surfers, hippies to supermodels, families and business men, class A celebrities and young people, José Ignacio appeals to those who look for bohemian but glamorous and enchanting beach places with dirt roads and nature, where silence is only disturbed by the wind whistling and the waves crashing.

Contact your Kallpa Executive for an exclusive itinerary in José Ignacio.

Jose ignacio green_Posada Paraiso
Green, beige & blue!



Self guided bike tour Colonia del Sacramento

Self guided bike tour Colonia del Sacramento

We are travelers, we love visiting cultural places and be able to do active tourism, get a bike and pedal around towns or cities to get the most of them. One of these experiences took us to Uruguay. We got our bikes, embarked them on the ferry and enjoyed a Self guided bike tour Colonia del Sacramento.

Let’s talk about the Self Guided Bike Tour Colonia del Sacramento. This is a great option to get to know the city. We rented our bikes in Buenos Aires, the bikes were delivered to our hotel and we pedaled from the hotel to the pier where the ferry was set to leave for Colonia. They asked us to remove the front wheel so they can accommodate the bikes in the hold of the ferry.

After sailing for half an hour we arrived in Colonia del Sacramento. We disembarked and got our bikes back to start our trip. We visited the famous Calle de los Suspiros (Street of Sighs), the historic district passing through the Citadel Door, the light house, the governor’s house as we pedaled along the coast amazed by the contrast between the white sands and the brownish color of the water of the river. We also saw the outside of the Bullfighting Arena, and the port.

Colonia del Sacramento has a lot of contrasts that are highlights to discover. It is a great place to take pictures. The contrast between the historic place and the local architecture. If you want to have a cup of tea in a vintage wagon we suggest you pay a visit to the Railway Museum and Cultural Space.

Another place you should visit, which has great trails to ride on a bike, is the Ferrando Park (Parque Ferrando) located at the entrance of the city, 1 kilometer away from the downtown area where you will find great examples of the local flora and fauna.

Discover this and more ways to enjoy bike tours in Colonia and in many other places around Argentina. If you need more assistance please contact one of our Account Executives and they will be happy to help you make the best of your trips or keep surfing our website and discover all you can do when traveling to Argentina.