Navigation through the Beagle Channel

This month we have this feature presentation of the best navigation through the beagle channel. Enjoy the flora and fauna and do this amazing Trekking on H Island with Tres Marias.


From all the ships you can hire at Pier to explore the marine fauna and enjoy a Navigation through the beagle channel in Ushuaia and running away from traditional excursions the best is Tres Marías. A small ship with 10 people capacity in which the navigation through this waters becomes more exciting and interactive.

A small and family run business, which was started by Hector Monsalve in 1990. Since then, the company has been the pioneer of Nature, adventure & unconventional sailing tours in Ushuaia.

With the focus on optimizing the visit to this awesome place, and highlight the contact with nature, they are specialize in small groups

“Roughguide to Argentina” once published: “H-Island :The southernmost bit of Argentine territory”, and Hector added: “….a Nature Reserve with amazing flora, fauna and thousand  years of human presence”

A “magic” place from which, since 2003,we  have been Environmental Custodians  by  appointment of Tierra del Fuego State Government-Natural Resources Bureau .

High mountains, and beach type vegetation: lichens, mosses and flowers, give good shelter to different birds species, that chose the “H Island” to mate and breed their chicks just in front of  you. Due to the abundance and variety, this “ H ” shape island, has given  thousands of years of food and shelter to the Beagle´s Native people: the Yamana, protecting them from the SW/W prevailing gales.

Its captain and Guide: Héctor Monsalve, is an experienced fisherman and professional diver. More than 30 years of experience fill his resume and ensures the quality of the information provided and sites visited in this navigation through the beagle channel. He is also a well known submarine photographer and documentary video filmmaker. He was selected as a guide for multiple cientific and tv expeditionists such as Jackes Cousteau among others. 


Actually his son Mariano as the Captain and Lucía as a naturalistic guide share with the diverse and fantastic journey. Through this waters full of history of shipwrecks and pirates we can watch indefinetely amount of birds, sea wolves who enjoy their peaceful life en this places.

Only this ship has permission to disimbark in H Island where you will be able to enjoy a short trekking visiting cormorant nests and being able to watch geese. Cauquenes with their youngs, steam ducks, seagulls of different species, escuas, plants and amazing sea bottoms. In front of us the Navarro island in chile and at the of the fearful drake passage in Cape Horn. Incredible wies of Ushuaia and its mountains are waiting for you in this journey of 4 hours long worthy to be realized with such guides.


As you see, there are a lot of alternatives to navigate the Beagle Channel in a new and awesome way. If you need further assistance about this Navigation through the beagle channel and H Island you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.

Photo tours Buenos Aires

The opportunity to enjoy and combine photography and tourism participating in one of the great Photo Tours in Buenos Aires that Foto Ruta provides. Read the article and you’ll love your travellers to live it too.


Photo tours Buenos Aires is about bringing the city and its streets to life through photography. We believe the greatest way to see and explore a place is with your camera in tow. And it’s not about snapping pictures so you can remember moments later. Actually, what I’ve felt during the excursion was that everything, it’s all about the journey, and the moment itself.

photo-tours-buenos-aires-foodPhotographers call it ‘creative seeing’, And each of the tours surrounding photography, events and workshops are designed with this in mind. I had the opportunity to use photography to explore away from the well trodden tourist routes, uncovering the genuine side of the city, and capture it on camera.


At Foto Ruta, the effort is all about trying to offer something for everyone, whether you’re a traveller to the city, with no interest in photography but a desire to experience something different or a seasoned pro who wants a fresh perspective on the city, they have an excursion to suit your needs.

They also offer a number of different tours and excursions. Here we provide a brief overview below:

Our flagship Foto Ruta Weekly tour is held in both Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile. A set of clues will lead you on a journey of discovery around a selected neighbourhood, giving you a greater understanding of the city and teaching you how to take great photos along the way. A unique and memorable afternoon of urban discovery, collaboration and photography. Suitable for anyone and everyone!


Foto Ruta iPhoneography (Tuesdays)

Our half-day iPhoneography tour brings the city and our love of mobile street photography to life, providing you with all the tools you need to harness the power of your iPhone (or smartphone) and its Apps, whilst exploring the city.

Foto Ruta Street Scape (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays)

Guided by our pro-photographer and city specialists, Foto Ruta Street Scape is perfect for anyone who wants an alternative day in the city, exploring must-see sights, as well as some of its undiscovered locations, whilst learning about photography. Ideal for all levels and experience!

Foto Ruta Academia (Thursdays & on request)

Our exclusive full-day street photography excursion will inspire you and help you take your travel photography to the next level. Foto Ruta Academia is set against a backdrop of authentic, original and inspiring locations and customized to your skill level and interests.

Foto Ruta Custom (On request)

Whether you’re an individual, a family, a tour organiser, a Spanish school or a business, we can offer you the custom experience in Buenos Aires and Santiago. From urban photo safaris to family bonding experiences, to corporate team-building events, Foto Ruta Custom is equipped to design custom photo tours and events to suit your requirements.

Foto Ruta Salon (Bi-monthly)

Foto Ruta Salon is an after office lecture and creative forum that we hold bi-monthly. The event is free, and offers photographers, enthusiasts and creative types the chance to enjoy interesting and informative lectures on the latest hot topics in the world of photography, whilst sharing ideas and meeting like-minded people.

Comida Ruta (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

The Comida Ruta food tour offers a journey of visual and culinary discovery, providing an insight and taste of Buenos Aires’ food culture, whilst learning about food photography and capturing your tastings on camera.

Photo tours Buenos Aires

As you see, there are a lot of alternatives to enjoy Buenos Aires in a new and awesome way. If you need further assistance about Photo Tours in Buenos Aires you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.

La Ventana Tango Show

We started the year with tango in our veins and revisited La Ventana Tango Show. As always we were very satisfied and this is our review… enjoy it!.


If you are looking for a tango show which keeps the essence of real Tango and not much detail to Hollywood and style of the city of Buenos Aires, La Ventana Tango Show is one of the best options. The dancers show is first class rate and the gaucho receives special mention.

In the heart of San Telmo, La Ventana Tango opened its doors to the world in 1982. This fully restored historic tenement is a classic tour of Buenos Aires culture through time. The interior, preserving the purest of the building are ideal for a single proposal with 32 artists on stage area, two tango orchestras, a collection of folk music, dancers and singers. The atmosphere at this long-running venue, located in an old converted building, will take you back in time. There are two salons, both with rustic brick walls and ceilings, and rough-hewn wood beams; one has an impressive stained-glass ceiling.


My impression about the decoration is that they have all those classic ornaments and small figures, antiques that are a pleasure to be watched and provide a special atmosphere to the decoration.

The menu is provided with several options that makes it out whta is considered conventional. Includes international and typical dishes of our country, with the traditional charcoal grill and an extensive list of Argentinean wines.


One of the surprises and most aclaim part of the show is the folklore show which includes Andean musicians and a display of boleadores (balls on cords that gauchos used to tangle up prey). The tango show is also excellent, and there are 30 performers in total. They play traditional tango keeping the magic tha once Tango used to be.

We highly reccommend the Show at la Venta not only because of our experience but most of all because of our client experiences which talks better about it.

You can request more information about La Ventana Tango Show contacting your personal Kallpa Account Executive or at Incoming Kallpa Tour