Whale watching sea kayak


Peninsula Valdés is a paradise where nature reigns and where you may experience a special and unique kind of peace. This region’s fauna is diverse, from penguins and sea lions up to whales and orcas are some of the attractions that we can observe there.

whale-watching-on-sea-kayak-5But our adventure has just started. Let’s explore the “Golfo San José” [Gulf of San José]. We are close to the starting point and we begin to feel what is going to come. We climb on the kayaks prepared by our expert guides and we start rowing towards our most expected target… the whales.


Many questions cross our minds before starting this adventure: Are we going to get very close to the whales? Are we going to be able to see them? Is it going to be dangerous? Is it going to be safe? Soon each of our questions will be answered by this adventure unique in its style.


The itinerary starts by entering the waters of the Gulf of San José. The kayaks we sail on are very silent, and do not interfere with the environmental harmony in any way. A whale tail appears not very far from where we are. Then we see them surface, an unbelievable experience. These experiences help us better understand the size and life of such unique and peaceful specimens. After having the privilege of watching the Right Southern Whale, we will see a small colony of sea lions and several sea birds.


Later we reach a small bay where we prepare ourselves to enjoy an assorted lunch and to trek to a cliff-like area surrounded by spectacular views of the Gulf. This excursion, including the hike, involves a 10km for 6 hours of duration.

The service includes snack, box lunch. The recommendation is to take this hiking excursion between June and December months when you can go whale-watching the Right Southern Whale.


Another option for more demanding travelers is to explore the “Golfo Nuevo” [New Gulf]. Throughout this journey you leave from Puerto Pirámides on kayak to Bahía Pardelas, one of the Gulf’s most spectacular beaches due to its transparent water.

During the sailing we can observe whales, different species of sea birds and we visit a cave and high cliff area.

After having lunch at Pardelas’ beach we start our return trip to Pirámides, this may be sailing on kayak or by hiking along the cliffs and through sand dunes, witnessing an amazing dusk.

As in the case of the excursion to the Gulf of San José, the service includes snacks, box lunch. The recommendation is to take this excursion between June and December months when you can go whale-watching the Right Southern Whale.


Transfers to Puerto Pirámides, the starting point on both experiences, are not included. Travelers can go there by themselves by car or rent private transportation.



kallpa gourmet fervor restaurant

In our July special Kallpa Gourmet Fervor Restaurant is the star.


“Fervor” has special mysticism. It is as if we were entering in a small-sized Buenos Aires, a world of dreams where you may feel its BA’s soul. When you visit Fervor you are having a true encounter with the Argentinian flavor. It is like embracing one of the best restaurants in its style in Buenos Aires and taking a picture with the true grill gastronomy where meat and seafood create the ideal environment to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner.

kallpa-gourmet-fervor-restaurant-2Without any doubt “Fervor Brasas de Campo y mar” [Fervor, Embers of Countryside and Sea] is one of our best recommendations in the restaurants’ field in Buenos Aires. We have in several occasions received excellent comments from people who had the opportunity of eating there.

Among the qualities that make the place to stand out we can mention its staff service, always helpful and willing to provide a special and professional care, and the quality and presentation of its plates.



We suggest trying the skirt steak, meat or seafood barbecue, which are very tasty and are the most highlighted plates, highly applauded and praised.


Fervor is located on 1519 Posadas (Posadas Street and Callao Avenue) at the Recoleta” neighborhood of Buenos Aires only some meters away from its emblematic cemetery. By the way, the name of the neighborhood comes from the Order of the Recoletos, barefoot monks who arrived in this area, then the outskirts

The menu of Fervor is very varied and the price of a complete menu per person is USD 67.

We are not only committed to organizing an authentic trip but also to pleasing a good palate.

You can find information in the Fact Sheet or simply contacting your personal Kallpa Executive.


snowshoeing bariloche at Cerro Lopez


We reach the base of Cerro Lopez, where the activity begins. This hill is situated about 30 km from the city of Bariloche, off the road known as “Circuito Chico”.

Once there, we get on 4WD jeep and drive uphill along steeper and steeper mountain roads. The scenery is second to no other in the world. We have just reached 1260m above the sea level and we already feel immersed in the snow-white landscape.

snowshoeing-bariloche-at-cerro-lopez-descent-climbingAt this point we arrive at the shelter, with a spectacular view of Nahuel Huapi National Park. This is where the best part begins. The guides help us put the snow rackets on and talk to us about the activity and safety measures.

We start the walk from the shelter following the East slope of Cerro Lopez through a beautiful “lenga” tree forest. The way up takes approximately 2 hours with several stops to enjoy the view and to learn about the original flora and fauna thanks to the tips given by the guides.

What has called our attention is a curious rocky outcrop, known by the locals as “Asterix Rock”, from where we have a breathtaking panoramic view of the Andes in winter.

snowshoeing-bariloche-at-cerro-lopez-descentWhen we stop talking, the acoustics generated by the snow create a silence only broken by the noise of our stomachs asking for food. There we have lunch, and if we are lucky we will see condors and other birds flying in the sky above us.

During the way down we find footprints revealing the animals that dwell in the area in winter. The gentle slopes near the shelter are ideal for having fun doing “culi-patín” (sliding down the slope without a sledge).

snowshoeing-bariloche-at-cerro-lopez-descent-backWe finish our adventure by the fireplace, tasting a cup of delicious hot cocoa to relax from the strain of the walk. With the remainder of our forces, we get on the jeeps and start our triumphant return.

Time of the activity: from 11 am to 5.30 pm, approximately at the base of Cerro Lopez

Difficulty level and physical demand: Medium

Suggested personal equipment:

  • warm waterproof shoes
  • trekking or warm regular pants
  • a warm thermal T-shirt
  • a warm polar sweatshirt
  • a warm jacket
  • a waterproof jacket
  • ski-gloves or similar
  • ski- or warm regular socks
  • a wool or polar beanie
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
  • a small backpack for the hike

As you see, there are a lot of things to do in Bariloche. If you need further assistance about Snowshoeing Bariloche at Cerro Lopez you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.