Travel to El Calafate Glaciers and Floes

We invite you to travel to El Calafate Glaciers and Floes known as “The National Capital of the Glaciers”. This city offers a wide range of activities that combine  beautiful natural environment, and exciting adventure. To   explore this extraordinary “white landscape”,  gives you an incredible insight of  Southern Patagonia.

El Calafate is the starting point to “Glaciares National Park” and a prelude to visit  “Perito Moreno”, the world known  glacier located 50 km away.


The city was officially founded in 1927 to promote settlement in the area, but it was not until the creation of the Perito Moreno National Park in 1937, that developement really happened.
Located it on the southern shore of Lago Argentino, it has grown in the last decade due to the touristic activity and it has lately  become a main tourist destination.
Glaciares National Park was declared a UNESCO world Heritage site in 1981. These glaciers belong to the Patagonian Ice Caps, the largest continental ice extension after Antarctica and delights us with its snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes and forests.


For those who just want to enjoy  one of the most impressive natural landscapes, the Perito Moreno Glacier can be seen from walkways which lead you to different viewpoints from where you can admire the massive ice walls from different angles.

On the other hand, for those who are looking for adventure, it is possible to know the glacier by foot through  ice trekking excursions, and in different difficulties: medium or high.

Due to the precipitations from the Pacific Ocean, the Perito Moreno glacier grows 1 or 2 meters per day during a year. Then by accumulation of snow that sweeps into the ice, the glacier is “pushed” to Lago Argentino.

In irregular periods of two or four years, on different months, a bridge is formed with a cave of more than 50 m which eventually collapses, undermined by the pression of the water, giving a magnificent natural spectacle.

El Calafate offers many options such as trekking along Laguna Nimez Reserve, crossing to Isla Solitaria or visiting touristic Estancias.

A variety of boat excursions take you sailing through  Argentino Lake to see other glaciers, as Spegazzini and Upsala Glaciers. During these trips you will be sorrounded by beautiful icebergs from any size and different tones of blue.

Laguna Nimez Reserve is special for  “Bird Watchers”, because around 80 different species of birds can be seen. Laguna Nimez offers an ideal habitat to flamingo, cauquenes, black-necked swans, bandurrias, teros, among other birds.

Choose one (or more) of these options to visit El Calafate! And discover the wonderful Patagonia!

As you see, there are a lot of alternatives to travel to El Calafate glaciers and floes and enjoy it in a new and awesome way. If you need further assistance about this Glaciers and Floes tour you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.

Gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires

What an amazing way to express the Argentine way! Simple, fun and bringing the diversity of our culture to a perfect place. Because Argentina is famous for its food and culture,  the Gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires are a must.

The refinements of typical music, idioms and recipes create a real Argentine atmosphere for gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires.

The Argentine Experience is NOT a cooking class, it is the vision of foreigners about the Argentine way of living. In its restaurant located in Fitz Roy Street in the mityc Palermo Hollywood Neighborhood, you will be able to participate with people coming from all over the world to get close to what it feels like to live, even for a couple of hours, like an Argentinian!

“The use of good wine in a different way. Instead of a traditional wine tasting, The Argentine Experience take it to a whole different level, teaching you how you can take conscience of the different existent ingredients available to make a drink. Discover the tasty new wine experience during which you can play with your senses of smell and taste in order yo find the best mix for a brand new cocktail”. Claire Bonnet

Gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires

The wine Experienceis very original, creative and  educational. Playfully you will be guided to guess  aromas, flavours  and  also  will learn use  different Argentine grapes to prepare cocktails in a simple and fun way.

A constant interaction between the staff  with guests, as well as among themselves is the goal of the night. It allows total strangers to forge new relationships. No matter the age or origin. The goal is to promote the visitor interacting and learning the local culture. A laid as “friends” environment is achieved. The Argentine Experience guys are totally involved with the product and maintain a constant interaction with visitors. They know what they do and how to do it.


It is an alternative for tourists to know certain things about the Argentine culture that would not know otherwise.

“The best way to discover a new culture is through it’s typical cuisine. The Argentine Experience manages to combine great foods and drinks with fun and creative activities about Argentina. It is all about sharing a meal in the Argentinian way and learning a little bit more about your holiday destination”. Claire Bonnet

Gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires

You can create your own empanada by using your own creativity to join with the other participants in the best and creative empanada competition for a chance to win the best of the Argentinian gifts!


Enjoy what many are claiming to be the very best steak in Argentina, cooked to order and accompanied with velvety mash potatoes and oven roasted vegetables. Our top of the line thick cut fillet steaks have a unique 24 hour preparation method that sets us apart from the rest. Vegetarian, pescetarian and celiac options are available on request.

You may also have an option with salmon if you don’t like meat or the Veggies option if you are a green person.

All the time our best grape will accompany the dishes. You will be able to enjoy the best Malbec wines perfectly matching the dishes.

For dessert you can learn how to make alfajores and make your own  mate, the typical beverage in Argentina!

As you see, there are a lot of alternatives to gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires in a new and awesome way. If you need further assistance about this Gastronomic Tours in Buenos Aires you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.

Typical Orchestra Fernandez Fierro

Typical Orchestra Fernandez Fierro is the worst kept secret of under Buenos Aires, we chose you to reveal it. Their concerts summon a wide audience that discovers a new tango, without gender stereotypes, with the power of punk and the expressive possibilities of rock.

Buenos Aires, Tango’s craddle embraces the Abasto neighborhood where the famous tango singer Carlos Gardel lived during his childhood. Nowadays holds a hidden treasure, the Orchestra Fernandez Fierro playing at the CAFF (Athletic Club Fernández Fierro), a raw diamond. Far away from the chic areas and typical tango shows we’ll enter and unknown world.

It all began back in the second half of the nineteen century when the Rio de la Plata received waves of immigrants. Tango mixed these cultures creating a new musical gender, with African, criollos and European roots. This fussion started a popular dance among the lower clases, denied and prohibited by wealthy people.

Suburban “arrabales” (slums), ports, brothels and jails were the main drivers of this rhythm. It took almost four decades to establish itself as a new musical gender with its own identity. In modern times tango brings us together, without barriers, no matter our cultural and social level. Tango is able to express emotions such us sorrow, love, courage, strengh, nostalgy, revenge and CAFF opens  its doors to make it posible to be part of this unique and authentic experience.


Once we arrive at the entrance, surrounded by the darkness of the night, we’ll find ourselves on the sidewalk wondering if we’ve been brought to what it looks like a garage. No neon signs, not any advertising announcing the show, nothing to anticipate us if we’re on the right place. Should we enter? Let’s breath deeply and be brave. Once we pass our first obstacle, a set of curtains made of plastic stripes that works as a gateway, we’ll have to walk down a dark aisle without a clue of what is waiting for  us at the other end. At this point, there is no turning back,  our curiosity grows and the call of tango is stronger, so we push ourselves to keep going.  This place is to go blind as a bat, trust your senses, trust the “tangueros”,  trust their creativity, they won’t let you down.

After exchanging kind smiles we are more tan ready to cross our second obstacle, another set of plastic striped curtain. Finally, a short narrow space separates us from the moment of truth, like the calm before the storm. All of a sudden this immense space, slightly iluminated and fully packed with people greets us. We look around in awe. Who are all these people? We notice groups of friends enjoying a good drink with a snack, couples in their own private world, loners enjoying their solitude and even strangers sharing a same table, all together reunited with the same goal, just like us, to enjoy an authentic local event.

typical-orchestra-fernandez-fierro-lisardoOnce at our seats maybe sharing a table with other tangueros, our curiosity is skin deep, so we keep looking around, we don’t want to miss anything. We find there is a strobe ball, the pinnacle of vulgarity in the era of disco fever chairing the ceiling. An aged wall with the face of Osvaldo Pugliese (by the way a very famous tango pianist and composer) reigning in its space. A bar  featuring empanadas and cakes cooked by Nestor, an enthusiastic neighbour who is already like family. There is also wine, beer and the famous Fernet. And one hundred chairs in different sizes, styles and backgrounds, mostly donated by the faithful who attends every ritual.

Finally the most expected moment comes, the dim light dissapears, darkness gains protagonism, a silent anticipation and all of a sudden, light explodes and the orchestra begins a unique interpretation.


Our mind stops any rational thinking, just a moment to question, who are these passionate protagonists?

Thirteen souls on stage, stripped off the traditional tango suit, surprises us with their own identity.  A mixture of modern and relaxed look where t-shirts, sunglasses , short or long hair and even dreadlocks hair style,  freely mix and blend  into the  amazing interpretation of their extraordinary music.

Their music opens our mind. Our thoughts fly freely, letting us dream and imagine the unthinkable. Once we start listening to the first melodies playing in the air, we wonder … is it Tango with traces of Rock? These artists shows us a battle of violins and accordions with its sultry sounds that transports us to a new era of tango. Let’s not forget the strenght of the singer’s voice in some pieces that express in words the music they’re playing.

The surrounding makes us feel their fire and passion, the communion between the artists and us, the spectators. Everyone is welcome to be part of the underground experience, we were able to join the locals fervour, captivated and drawned also by this miracle.
We didn’t expect a luxury accommodation, just an opportunity to live the real Buenos Aires as some porteños live it. And we had the chance to feel what these artists wanted to become.


They had a dream to play music
They had a dream to fuse tango and rock
They had a dream to be passionate
They had a dream to be unique and unforgettable
They had a dream to become the Fernandez Fierro Tango Orchestra.

You can combine this Kallpa Underground Tour with a private tango lesson, if you need further assistance just contact your personal Kallpa Executive.


As you see, there are a lot of alternatives to experience Buenos Aires in a new and awesome way. If you need further assistance about Typical Orchestra Fernandez Fierro you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our  contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.