Gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires

What an amazing way to express the Argentine way! Simple, fun and bringing the diversity of our culture to a perfect place. Because Argentina is famous for its food and culture,  the Gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires are a must.

The refinements of typical music, idioms and recipes create a real Argentine atmosphere for gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires.

The Argentine Experience is NOT a cooking class, it is the vision of foreigners about the Argentine way of living. In its restaurant located in Fitz Roy Street in the mityc Palermo Hollywood Neighborhood, you will be able to participate with people coming from all over the world to get close to what it feels like to live, even for a couple of hours, like an Argentinian!

“The use of good wine in a different way. Instead of a traditional wine tasting, The Argentine Experience take it to a whole different level, teaching you how you can take conscience of the different existent ingredients available to make a drink. Discover the tasty new wine experience during which you can play with your senses of smell and taste in order yo find the best mix for a brand new cocktail”. Claire Bonnet

Gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires

The wine Experienceis very original, creative and  educational. Playfully you will be guided to guess  aromas, flavours  and  also  will learn use  different Argentine grapes to prepare cocktails in a simple and fun way.

A constant interaction between the staff  with guests, as well as among themselves is the goal of the night. It allows total strangers to forge new relationships. No matter the age or origin. The goal is to promote the visitor interacting and learning the local culture. A laid as “friends” environment is achieved. The Argentine Experience guys are totally involved with the product and maintain a constant interaction with visitors. They know what they do and how to do it.


It is an alternative for tourists to know certain things about the Argentine culture that would not know otherwise.

“The best way to discover a new culture is through it’s typical cuisine. The Argentine Experience manages to combine great foods and drinks with fun and creative activities about Argentina. It is all about sharing a meal in the Argentinian way and learning a little bit more about your holiday destination”. Claire Bonnet

Gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires

You can create your own empanada by using your own creativity to join with the other participants in the best and creative empanada competition for a chance to win the best of the Argentinian gifts!


Enjoy what many are claiming to be the very best steak in Argentina, cooked to order and accompanied with velvety mash potatoes and oven roasted vegetables. Our top of the line thick cut fillet steaks have a unique 24 hour preparation method that sets us apart from the rest. Vegetarian, pescetarian and celiac options are available on request.

You may also have an option with salmon if you don’t like meat or the Veggies option if you are a green person.

All the time our best grape will accompany the dishes. You will be able to enjoy the best Malbec wines perfectly matching the dishes.

For dessert you can learn how to make alfajores and make your own  mate, the typical beverage in Argentina!

As you see, there are a lot of alternatives to gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires in a new and awesome way. If you need further assistance about this Gastronomic Tours in Buenos Aires you can contact your personal Kallpa Executive or simply leave a message in our contact form. We’ll be happy to assist you!.