My name is Bife de Chorizo

Today we have an interview with one of the greatest of our national cuisine and gastronomic culture … read the article and know why, as he says he is named… My name is Bife de Chorizo


One of the best and most popular cuts of meat served in our country. So popular that foreigners, with his characteristic accent, come to Argentine restaurants clamoring for my name … I want a Bife de Chorizo, they say. All the meat that makes his arrival to the grills are usually tender, but tasting good is something else, and I say so myself. The thing Is that Argentinian are not only passionate for Tango and Football they also love to communicate flavors. To respect our customs must give honor to the essence of Argentina’s meat, cattle are raised on pasture. My goal is not to lose it but bring awareness of what healthy and natural mean and have a memorable taste in the mouths of those who try me.

Years ago that travellers, all around the world, are wondering, and I hear when you ask the waiters!, you want to know why people call me Bife de Chorizo . Everywhere I’m named entrecote, in fact they named in France entrecotè. The truth here is that I like most the way as in Argentina people call me Bife de Chorizo . The truth is that neither I know why they call me like that. I am open to suggestions, if someone gives me a decent version worthy of applauses and standing ovations, then my senses will be ready to listen and then grant that person with one of the best flavors of the Argentinian meat. I can promise that I know I can keep.

When I am asked where I come from it is great. I am found on the outer side of the back of the cow, I am the boneless cutlet there. When I am separated from the bone, before they cut me like steak, I have triangular and cylindrical shape, so I go to the clinic for a surgery so i can become beautiful. When I am cut my measure is between 3 and 5 cm wide.

My name is bife de chorizo

Each lunch or dinner I receive all the applauses and many people compliment me. Most of the time I do not hear compliments, nothing is left of me at the plate, but this is a worthy death resulting from the design of culinary arts. I am dig, cut, chew and in the end is like a spa session where they get my best taste.

I am cook on the grill, for the taste of whoever eats me, cooked, ready, etc.. and serve me with broken potato accompaniment sometimes other with salad. Bife de Chorizo a la Riojana is another version of me that is for the brave and bold because the amount of things that accompany me and the way i am prepared. They put us making a beautiful decoration on the plate. Each of us condiments and sides have a special place and waiters take us to the table with all the glamour we deserve. I am the top recommendation and one of the who gets more YES everytime the menu is offered. Half Size or Full Size, I am always present and you can eat me as you like.

I do not want to talk much about me because I always say the best things in life must be tested and I’m usually on everyone’s lips, even before the tourists arrive in the country, they ask for me so i let you be the one who know me by my flavour.

My name is bife de chorizo

Most of those who know me, speak well of me, some eat only vegetables and I celebrate it, live the diversity! For those who want to try me, I welcome you and dare you to find something better! I wait every day at noon or night in restaurants and grills in town to know me. Once you try me you will be able to tell your friends why My name is Bife de Chorizo . Your words will be… I don’t know but it tastes so good!

Some of my friend restaurants are:

La Estancia located on lavalle street. La Chacra in Cordoba Avenue. Cabaña Las Lilas and Campo de Asadores in Puerto Madero. El Establo in Downtown.

In spring, summer, winter, autumn i am lying there on the grill, getting tan, come and visit! We’ll see soon… bye bye.

Your friend Bife de Chorizo

Bristol Hotel Buenos Aires

This month we decided to revisit Bristol Hotel Buenos Aires. A great option in Downtown near to very interesting places of the city. We share our experience!

Bristol Hotel Buenos Aires

When you enter Bristol Hotel Buenos Aires you have no longer the feeling you are in Buenos Aires Downtown. Even when the hotel is in front of 9 de Julio Avenue, noise is not heard. The staff at the reception is very warm and polite. Well provided with information and suggestions for the passengers. One of the things that i’ve noticed talking with Haydee, manager of the hotel, is that they take good care of the personal relation to provide a customer care focused on exceeding expectations.


The Hotel Bristol offers a great location on the 9 de Julio Avenue, across from the Obelisk. You can walk out and watch the widest Avenue in South America, July 9th. and standing in the center you will see the obelisk. You are three blocks away from Florida Street and also from Colon Theater, two emblematic points of interest in Buenos Aires. Also 6 blocks away from plaza de Mayo and the Pink House. Bristol is also 10 blocks from Puerto Madero, a typical touristic spot and stylish restaurant area, and just one block away from Corrientes Avenue, a major theater and entertainment venue. Is 200 metres from 9 de Julio subway station and 6 km from Jorge Newbery Airport. Visits to the local points of interest can be arranged through the tour desk.

“Hard to find a better location in Central Buenos Aires. Very good value, and extremely helpful staff.” Says Alan Morgan on his review on Trip Avisor.


We started visiting the rooms. 125 to be exact. They have ample windows and laminated floors, some of them with a view of the city lights at night. I was amazed specially with the view from room 915. You can see the obelisk and most of the avenue. This room is requested by professional photographers to capture the essence of Buenos Aires during the day and the night. Amenities include air conditioning, cable TV, and queen or king sized beds.

You can also exercise in the exclusive gym.


Hotel Bristol’s restaurant is situated on the mezzanine floor and serves breakfast buffet with croissants, pastries, regional and international specialties, and snacks. Our CEO Gabriel Barok was impressed with the variety of options included. I also had the opportunity to be there when passengers were having breakfast and i can tell that they were very satisfied. Room service is also available if you would like to stay resting in the room and enjoy the great view.


Everything is very well maintained. The hotel is not flashy or fancy but a great option for those travellers who wish to enjoy a warm atmosphere in a strategically located place to get the most out of your visit to the city of Buenos Aires.

Bristol Hotel a great option in Buenos Aires that we reccomend.

You can request more information about Bristol Hotel Buenos Aires contacting your personal Kallpa Account Executive or at Incoming Kallpa Tour

Summits of the End of the World Trekking in Ushuaia

In the Summits of the End of the World Trekking in Ushuaia, we have a close encounter with one of the most beautiful landscapes of Tierra del Fuego

Description and Itinerary

Summits of the end of the world is a journey of trekking in Ushuaia. We are going in search of the most beautiful panoramic views of Tierra del Fuego. It is a journey of trekking, climbing the hills that surround the city to the north, where the best panoramic views of the area are obtained.

To start the summits to the end of the world trekking excursion we pick up you at 9 am in your hotel, have a short transfer to the beginning of the trail. The excursion is about 6 hours walk. According to the weather we will go on one way route, or come back on the same way. Transfer, Guide, Box Lunch and Equipment are include. You need to bring Wind Jacket, Water bottle, Day backpack, Globes and hat.

summits of the end of the world trekking

The tour begins at the city limit (beagle’s viewpoint neighborhood) and from there, following a path of the old prison of Ushuaia, we are going to climb to Cerro del Medio, A summit is simple to climb, but impressive sight. From its 800 meters high, feel like a Himalayan summit. We shall not cease to amaze us throughout your journey, surrounded by the most pristine nature and unique view, gives us the height. We’ll continue ascending the Cerro del Medio, Lagoon Margot, Roy hill, and keep walking the edge of Roy from where there are excellent views of the city, the bay and the mountains to the north . Then descends to the Martial Glacier. We passed the refuge Club Andino Ushuaia, the Martial and continues down to the base of the chairlift.

summits of the end of the world

You have to carry your camera because of the great views you’ll be able to have. We believe that you would want to photograph everything you see. We will bring amazing pictures and an unforgettable experience.

summits of the end of the world

You can request more information about The Summits of the End of the World Trekking contacting your personal Kallpa Account Executive or at Incoming Kallpa Tour