Obligations for Gastronomy service providers

  • Tables must be reserved in advance, in order to plan the number of diners from the previous day, foreseeing a prudent time of consumption for each reservation and compliance with social distancing.
  • A minimum distance of 2 meters must be maintained between the tables to guarantee the established safety distance between people.
  • In group cases, it will be possible to set up the tables in a separate room. 
  • Employees in the restaurant must wear a face covering.
  • All people who carry out tasks in the establishments have to wash their hands regularly  and obligatorily. 
  • Each establishment must have adequate places to ensure a correct and frequent handwashing with soap and water (liquid/foam soap dispenser, paper tissues or hand dryers) and in addition hand disinfectants alcohol-based at 70%must be available (for example, gel alcohol) at the entrance.
  • Avoid laying down utensils, plates, glasses, etc. on the tables before customers sit down.  A digital menu (QR code), menu via WhatsApp or a laminated paper menu for easy disinfection will be available.
  • Prioritize using single-use napkins and table linens
  • Place in visible places, the social distancing measures, adequate hand and respiratory hygiene, and recommendations in the presence of suspicious symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Secure daily disinfection of surfaces. The frequency of it must be appropriate to the traffic and people accumulation and the time of the year.
  • Ventilate closed rooms regularly (at least once a day).
  • Establishments must inform and train workers in recognition of symptoms of the COVID-19 and on prevention measures according to national regulations and official information.

Recommendations for Gastronomic services

  • If it is not able to  maintain  the minimum safety distance between workstations, consider installing physical measures (such as glass panels) which are easy and possible to clean frequently.
  • Indicate the maximum number of people per service area and check that it is not exceeded, complying with the distancing guidelines.
  • Consider to display the menu on posters, lecterns or blackboards, located outside and / or inside the establishment. Also present the menu in digital or laminated format to facilitate disinfection.
  • Consider establishing methods to identify potential cases by measuring body temperature, promoting self-report and carrying out simple questionnaires to detect possible symptoms prior to entering the workplace.
  • Consider establishing a crisis committee that involves all parties who will establish and monitor the protocol to be followed, as well as those responsible for ensuring its compliance 
  • Establish measures to be adopted in the establishment to isolate a person who shows symptoms of COVID-19, for which it is suggested to have a room or area where the person with symptoms does not have contact with other people and wait until they are adequately evaluated. Proceed in accordance with the indications and protocols of the local health authorities of the jurisdiction.

Preparation of Box Lunches/Snacks

  • The preparación of box lunches and snacks will be guaranteed following the current regulation on food handling in the elaboration, service and storage of products, reinforcing its traceability system for raw materials and manufactured products, which ensure their monitoring and tracking. 
  • In case each passenger wishes to prepare their box lunch, the guide / TC can suggest where to get  the products safely to ensure hygienic preparation.

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