In its original expression, the Miracle has a penitent´s kind of spirituality leading to the great Reconciliation and Renewal of the Pact of Fidelity, which is the utter expression of the covenant between God and His people. Join us for an inspiring and spiritual experience and live Salta diferently.


The people of Salta express their great devotion every September 15th, with a massive festival following nine days of prayer and devotion. In a country where more than 95% of the population is Catholic, it’s hard to find a celebration matching the Lord of Miracles &  the Holy Virgin festival in Salta.

Pilgrims arrive in Salta after days of walking from distant locations. This penitence´s element is deeply marked, especially during the Nine Days of Prayer, before the festive ending takes place on September 15th, following a solemn procession. This gathers around 500.000 people each year, and signals the renewal of the pact of fidelity.


All of this makes September a special month to plan a visit to Salta. We invite you to share with the local people this inspiring and spiritual experience. A 4 days trip to find Salta´s true spirituality. We’ll visit the Main Cathedral, La Merced church, San Bernardo Convent and San Francisco church in its original design and unique colour.

join-us-for-a-inspiring-and-spiritual-experience-2In the company of our expert Tour Guides who will tell us wonderful stories of the Lord of Miracles and about the devotion to the Holy Virgin that gathers thousands of devotees every year for this procession that takes place every year in September in Salta. During those days it’s  common to see pilgrims from distant villages arrive in Salta after more than 10 days of walking.

Our Tour Guide will also take us to the 9 of July Square to live the experience of being part of the spirituality of this festivity. We’ll be a part of one of the 9 days of prayers without which it will be hard to understand the mystique of the Miracle. We can be witnesses to the Paschal Triduum mass, a celebration that lasts 3 days.

join-us-for-a-inspiring-and-spiritual-experience-1We’ll experience The Miracle. In the afternoon, the bells of the Cathedral peal merrily inviting the parishioners to the Procession, which finishes with the renewal of the Pact of Fidelity. Thousand of people follow the images of the Lord & Virgin of the Miracle along the procession. The images enter the Cathedral while the Pilgrims wave at them with white handkerchiefs, representing purity.
Very important: bookings have to made with enough time in advance since accommodation in Salta has  high demand for this period.


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