This month come and join us to penetrate deep into the Misiones Jungle and stay at the Moconá Lodge where peace is in perfect harmony with nature.


The access route into the Saltos de Moconá was still a dirt road. To get to this place was a big challenge that not many people dared to face, but the Moconá Refuge was already a witness to many feats and adventures. This was one of the first undertakings in the Moconá region. Adventurers ,naturalists,guests,neighbours,friends and friends of those friends have dared into this area, who were looking for unforgettable experiences in a unique environment such as the Misiones Jungle.


Moconá Lodge is in the Moconá Refuge, a private reserve with an area of 8000 hectares dedicated to the conservation of the jungle, where 60 hectares are used for touristic purposes. This lodge is located in the heart of the Yabotí Biosphere within a subtropical ecosystem. The days at the Moconá Lodge go by among pathways,waterfalls, indigenous forests,the chirping of birds,natural lookouts,activities full of adventure,old legends that beat to the rhythm of the ripples of the Uruguay River where nature reigns supreme.

The lodge has 14 bedrooms with 28 square meters each with a view to the jungle and to the Yabotí Stream. The rooms are comfortable and integrated,where nature and resting become one.


Every room has a 15 squere meters deck where you can appreciate the flora,the fauna and the Yabotí Stream. Although we disconnect ourselves at the Moconá  Lodge we can get connected to internet. You also have air-condioning,safety box,big sommires and excellent amenities.

As well as the lodging, you´ll also enjoy a good gastronomy with different regional dishes cooked by our Chef using fresh ingredients from our organic orchard.

The breakfast is a buffet with many different freshly squeezed juices,fruits,cereals,dairy products,coffe,tea,breads and all kinds of home-made jellies.

Other good dishes are the activities you can make with an additional cost from the Lodge such as:


Water excursion: you´ll ride on rubber-boats from the Moconá Refuge pier located on the Yabotí Stream.

deep-into-the-misiones-jungleZip-line and rappel: this circuit combines zip-line high up in the trees,dry rappel,rappel over the Horacio Waterfall and zip-line in the middle of the jungle. We´ll penetrate deep into the jungle in a different way. We´ll live the experience of zip-linig above the tree tops along 250 meters going through the Oveja Negra riberbed and over the famous Horacio Waterfall. We also tested our adrenaline rappeling over the  Horacio Waterfall canyon next to the 20 meters high crystal clear waterfall.

Water trips to the Moconá Waterfalls: we´ll sail along 10kms on the Yabotí Stream and the Uruguay River where you´ll get to experience the jungle in its wildest state,the quietness of the Yabotí Stream and the Moconá Waterfalls.


Interpretive Pathways tours: we´ll disclose the secrets of the jungle along water- rutted pathways spanned by a hanging bridge and the Horacio waterfall. The Oveja Negra(black sheep) pathway in the Moconá Refuge is 2000 meters long and of low impact. During our trips we have been discovering the secrets of the jungle that make it easier to understand the dynamics and the interactions that coexist among the different flora and fauna especies in this kind of ecosystem.


The walking tour takes one and a half hour and is a good way of relaxing and connecting with nature.

High performance trekking: the most demanding people like us challenge tracks longer than 5kms in the jungle.,where we´ll find the vantage point over the “Arroyo Yabotí”(Yabotí Stream). This challenge has as location the Bella Vista pathway which is 5000 meters long and of medium and high impact.


Kayak: The best way of experiencing this special connection with the Arroyo Yabotí is riding the “sit on the top kayaks” sailing the waters up to the mouth of the Uruguay River.

During this trip we´ll make a stop for pictures at the Tripartito lookout. The Arroyo Yabotí is one of the most impressive waterways in the Biosphere Reserve.

The water is calm and shallow. This trip lasts around 2 hours.

Excursions on 4WD: To come to a close we visited the Yabotí Biosphere on 4WD vehicles. We rode along roads sprinkled with old saw-mills and timber-yards where the views are strikingly beautiful. All along the way our local tour guides will be with us. We ride through unexplored streams and hills





*Activities are subject to climate change and variability in tides of rivers and streams

*Disabled people,pregnant women,people with heart conditions and hypertensive people won´t be able to make activities that require physical demand

*All activities are coordinated by professionals

*Children will pay 100% of the cost of any activity regardless of their age

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