Driving your car along these roads surrounded by Ibera wetlands and mocona waterfalls is a trip that will keep coming back into our minds.


The reason for this is that the Fly & drive Iberá wetlands and Moconá Tour will get you closer to the most beautiful destinations in Argentina.

Everything starts when we arrive at our first destination Posadas, where we are given a GPS with all the roads that we should take already loaded. We begin our trip along  a route  that will take us to the San Ignacio Ruins before arriving in Puerto Valle where we’ll put up for the first three nights.


San Ignacio Ruins are some of the best preserved ruins,among others,in a territory today known as Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. And the most visited because they are within easy reach. Built in the middle of a dense vegetation,the remains of these “Guaraní Baroque Style Construction” were discovered in 1897,although the restoration didn´t begin until 1940.

The public square was surrounded by the Church, the Cabildo(former town hall),the Cemetery,the Monastery and a bunch of houses. The magnificent Church was built by the Italian priest Juan Brasanelli,who used in the construction local red sandstone. The walls 70 meters tall and 24 meters wide are still standing after more than two centuries.

In 1984 the UNESCO declared the ruins as a “World Heritage Site”. Today the ruins hold the “Museo Jesuitico San Ignacio Miní”. After driving for over  120 kilometers we´ll get to Iberá Wetlands and stay in Puerto Valle.


Iberá Wetlands are the second largest in South America. These “Esteros” are a mixture of swamps,bogs,stagnant lakes and lagoons. Natural wet areas(sloughs) and courses of water of fluvial origins cover an area of 15.000 to 20.000 square kilometers.


The Natural Reserve is host to a large biodiversity,including four species of animals that have been declared “Provincial Natural Monuments”: the neotropical otter, the maned-wolf, the Pampas deer and the marsh deer. It is also home to two Argentinian species of alligator: the yacaré caiman(or black yacaré) and the broad-snouted caiman(or yacare overo), as well as the capybara(world´s largest rodent)and about 350 species of birds.

There are a lot of activities to be done in Puerto Valle, such as visiting a caymans´farm,going for a ride on a boat made of plastic bottles or going for a horseback ride or a bike ride to stay in touch with nature.


We go on our trip driving towards El Soberbio in Oberá(Misiones Province) very close to the Moconá waterfalls. Because of its near location a visit to this place is highly recommended, besides the activities in the Lodge.

The waterfalls,10 meters in height,interrupt for about 3 kilometers the course of the Uruguay River,southwest of San Pedro county,in Misiones Province.

A peculiar characteristic about these waterfalls is that they fall perpendicularly and not transversally to the course of the waters. The canal where the water falls is a geological fault and in some places reaches the height of 170 meters. Not every season is good for visiting them. They are at their best when the volume of water is low. A curious fact: the guaraní word Moconá means: “it swallows everything”.ibera-wetlands-and-mocona-waterfalls-6









Minimun pax requirements: 1

Prices include:

  • 2 nights in Esteros del Iberá.
  • 2 nights in El Soberbio área.
  • Special fly & drive kit with road maps & tourist information.

Not included:

  • Flights & airport taxes.
  • Optional excursions.
  • Early check-in & late check-out at hotels.
  • Tips & personal expenses.
  • Drinks and meals except when mentioned.
  • Medical insurance.

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