We’ve arrived in Ushuaia, the southernmost city of the world. Landscapes and breathtaking views are all around us. Mountains, forests and glaciers invites us to this magnificent hike to Vinciguerra Glacier, a Trekking not to be missed. Keep reading about Ushuaia Vinciguerra Glacier Trekking.

Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-Glacier-3Vinciguerra Glacier is one of the largest in Tierra del Fuego. If you had a prior experience of doing an ice trekking you know how it feels walking on the ice, it’s fascinating, watching the surrounding landscape and hearing the sound of nature. If you did not, this is a great opportunity.

Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-GlacierEarly in the morning the transfer picks us up at the Hotel and leave town towards the mountains, to the starting point of the Trek. After a briefing and some safety tips we start walking on the trail, through native lenga forest. The trail goes softly near the river for the first few kilometers. And then starts to softly ascend across the forest. And all of a sudden we are above the forest and the views begin to amaze us.

Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-Glacier-1 Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-Glacier-2We were able to understand more deeply the Fueguinian nature and enjoy a great day skirting rivers, going through forests, lagoons and the glacier. Another highlight we were able to see is the Laguna de los Témpanos (Icebergs lagoon) at the foot of the Glacier.

With the company of an experienced guide we start walking on the ice. There is a variety of forms, cracks, caves, processes that have been taking place over the years. They need to be interpreted and our guide provide tips and facts on the way.

Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-Glacier-5The guide leads the way, he knows very well where to walk, it is important to follow him cause the ice can be tricky and sometimes we can put ourselves at risk if we follow our own path,. While we are walking we can hear about different moments of the geological evolution and the rich history of the Glaciers which can be found in Southern Patagonia. Each step we take, we can hear the sound of the ice in contact with crampons, cracking as they are sticking in the ice. There is like a silence dominating the environment and we only hear our breath and steps as we walk.

We watched holes of water, cracks and caves. How glaciers were formed? how is the melting process? are they going to disappear?, do they move forward or backward? Some of these are frequently asked questions from travelers and the good news is that all of them have their own answers.

Trekking-experience-to-Vinciguerra-Glacier-4A unique landscape, places and sceneries portrayed in a perfect picture, unshaken lakes, mountains with perpetual snowed peaks and mountain streams are awaiting for you to contemplate in awe in front of them.

Contact our Account Executives, they love trekking on the ice like some of your travelers and have great travel ideas to enlighten the experiences.

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  • Minimum pax requirements: 2
  • Place: Vinciguerra Glacier, Témpanos Lagoon.
  • Activities: Walking on the ice, interpretation and observation of glacier processes (caves, cracks, sinks).
  • Duration: Full Day.
  • Services Included: Mountain Guide, transfers, box lunch, crampons, poles and gaiters.

Equipment that passenger should bring: Trekking shoes, backpack, jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a bottle of water.
Operation Period: November to April.

Together with the surrounding terrain and peat bogs it was declared Ramsar Site during the year 2009 and is the southernmost glacier of the world.

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