In the past weeks our Senior Sales Executive Felipe Remmer did a site inspection in Patios de San Telmo Urban Hotel and this is our experience… we share it with you


Where to stay in Buenos Aires?, In 752 Chacabuco Street stands today the Patios de San Telmo Urban Hotel the building was constructed in 1863 and housed a tenement until four years ago.

In San Telmo Neighborhood, known for the historic inheritance that can be found there, the Hotel is housed on Chacabuco Street, 50 meters near to Independence Avenue and 300 meters of the 9 de Julio Avenue, two of the main arteries of the city of Buenos Aires. The area is has a lot of options of many public transportation lines that connect the hotel with all the attraction sites and most of the 48 districts that make Buenos Aires.


The architect Lucio Neumann trusted in his son’s entrepreneur instinct for business. Andy, who saw what the building was able to become and persuaded Lucio to buy it to restore it. Neumann says he was “a mess convert a nineteenth-century building in a contemporary building” and it the most difficult chore was convincing their American partners to join and invest in this project.

“Structurally a tenement and a hotel are very compatible, the building, due to the time it was abandoned, had a great damage and the challenge was gorgeous,” Explained Lucio. “Preserving a lot of unique things such as wooden beams carved with ax and bricks settled in mud was a must for us, and we had to install and prepare the building for contemporary technical systems, like central air conditioners, Internet networks, pressurized water and for that we had to dig two levels in the ground,” says Neumann , while laughing he says he couldn’t sleep while the excavations were due to structural risk involving.


In Patios de San Telmo Urban Hotel in Buenos Aires, rooms are equipped with a comfortable and friendly design of the original structure of the tenement of which they are part. The design is characterized by high wooden ceilings and large and tall doors and windows that are pointed to the Patios. Art and design objects can be found as ornaments, the rooms were created to provide comfort and service in a local environment.


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