Knowing and enjoying Ibera Wetlands. And could it be a better way to do it, other than, rowing? Get on board of this Kayaking and Trekking at Ibera Wetlands and experience the Northeast region of Argentina.

The Iberá Lake and marshlands are one of the last natural paradises on earth. The wetlands covers over 13,000 km² of marsh with more than 60 lakes. The nature reserve, founded in the year 1983, is located 800 kilometres north of Buenos Aires.

Owing to its mild climate and isolation, the marsh is an area where wild animals are still the stars. Within Argentina and South America, the Iberá Wetlands are the Ornithologist’s Mecca. Over 350 species of birds live in this virgin landscape and most of them can be easily spotted.

Capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris), Ibera Wetlands (aka Ibera Marshes), a marshland area in Corrientes Province, Argentina

We were picked up at our hotel. Driving through the forest we reach the starting point of this adventure by the coast of The Ibera Lake and marshland. After a short briefing about the activity and safety tips the journey takes us, for two and a half hours in a kayak with capacity for three travelers. Small grous are great so everybody gets to know each other. The guide leads the excursion in a single kayak. Along the way we can watch birds, capybaras, swamp deers, water plants. The animals in their own habitat is something not to be missed.

The variety of Flora is also a highlight on this tour. Aquatic Plants, reeds, bulrushes, rushes, palms and small islands forming hygrophil forests.

Marsh Deer (Blastocerus Dichotomus), Ibera Wetlands (aka Ibera Marshes), a marshland area in Corrientes Province, Argentina

Paddling lovers will love exploring and getting in contact with animals and vegetation not easily found in other places. We recommend you to share this experience with your travelers.

kayay-and-trekking-at-ibera-wetlandsPlease contact our Kallpa Account Executives for more information. They are full of ideas to help you design the best itinerary for your travelers to the Iguazu Falls, Ibera Wetlands and Mocona Waterfalls.



Minimum pax requirements: 2

The activity is developed in a group in charge of a specialized guide trained in the nautical activity providing relevant information about the activity and its surroundings.

  • There will be a:
  • Presentation of services
  • INTRODUCTION of the Tour Guide and the guests in the group. Handing over of the equipment to be used during the expedition..
    Brief introduction to kayaking.
  • INTRODUCTION to KAYAKING. Short training before each departure. Briefing of Safety tips. .
  • Brief training prior to the experience provided by the operator.
  • BEGINNING OF THE TOUR and sighting of indigenous flora, fauna and surrounding landscapes. We´ll have the possibility of taking a Photographic safari during the expedition. A stopover can be included for trekking, stretching and to live Nature at its best. A snack can be included..
  • Briefing about security and prevention

Safety Measures

  • The Tour Guide is in charge of the Operative Units.
  • Civil Responsibility Insurance for all guests.
    Personal Accident Insurance for all guests and for the Tour Guide.
  • Life jackets for all guests and the Tour Guide. Individual neoprene cockpit cover.
  • VHF Radio frequency equipment for communication between the Tour Guide and the Forest Rangers Base.
  • Luminous devices: flashlights and intermittent flashers in each operative unit for night expeditions.

Services Included

  • Transfers
  • Guide

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