The Kallpa annual meeting with Tour Leaders was organiced at home, here in Kallpa Buenos Aires, last October 2nd to talk about expectations we and our clients have for the upcoming season.



Great expectation is in the air, certain uncertainty and anxiousness is merged in everybody’s faces, nobody knows precisely how tough the coming season will be! It was already knocking at the door when we recently met for the Intro briefing for season 2014 – 2015.

kallpa-annual-meeting-with-tour-leaders-3Some of the most significant topics we went through were: proactivity (forethoughts), security (anticipation), TL as an example, tools on the road (catalogue + ops. letter + manuals + intro-briefing and daily briefing) and good held lectures among many others.

Some core ideas were also handled to help our Tour Leaders, to make the most of their nice job to our common and distinguished passengers. Always keen to improve their services and represent every part effectively on the ground. It is a privilege to be ambassador at our own country and build up a working team on the field that allows guests to earn positive and human close experiences.


10 Tour Leaders could join us for the meeting, in which the experienced TL Daniel showed his personal and very successful way of introducing the trip and himself to a fresh arrived group, one of the most significant moments of their job. Other Tour Leaders could not assist because they were already travelling or split all around Argentina (Misiones, Tucumán, Mendoza, Río Negro, Santa Cruz) and even elsewhere in the World, but were also shared this meeting thereafter.

Expectations came down to the ground, lots of issues became certain and we all know that it is a promising but challenging season. And it is already running …

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