Curious Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia

We love this region with its enormous landscape and cultural wealth. We decided to give Patagonia its own place as “Our curious Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia”.


The snow-covered peaks of the Andes give birth to many rivers and water-falls in Patagonia. From the majestic mountains to the volcanoes, Patagonia still is the virgin borderline in South America.


The 673.000 square kilometers of this area are so scarcely populated that the population density is extremely low. We´ll find just one person per square kilometer in some areas


The 28.300 hectares of the Parque Provincial Copahue, on the eastern frontier with Chile, where we find the crater of the volcano by the same name, is home to prehistoric araucaria forests. Extensive meadows,snow-covered Andean peaks, lakes and a picturesque lunar landscape of rocky origins.


The Glaciar Perito Moreno rises above the Lago Argentino as a solid wall of 4.8 kilometers wide and almost 60 meters high. One of the 47 massive ice fields is the Parque Nacional de la Patagonia Argentina. This force of nature is 260 square kilometers in all.


The sunset casts a pink glow over the granite peaks that ring a glacier lake in Torres del Paine. This national park is the crown jewel for Chileans. With an area of 242.000 hectares,this park is a kaleidoscope of different land formations such as the high mountains or the ice fields.


A lone lighthouse stands on watch over the Patagonian coastline of Ushuaia. The cold waters from Antarctica cover  a rich sea life all along the southern coast of Patagonia,including sea-lions cormorants and albatross.

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Aonikenk Chalten


Aonikenk Chalten! These were 2 expressions, ussually related to each other, used by the Tehuelches, the natives of the Patagonia Steepe. It is believed that Aonikenk means “us, the people” in Tehuelche.

Aonikenk-Chalten-1The exact meaning of the Word “Chalten” remains unknown. The most accepted theory tells us that the tehuelche people used this term to refer to the “smoking mountain” or “mountain that smokes” for the Granite tower that signalled the westernmost frontier for the Tehuelches on their nomadic route, since the mountain always has thin clouds coming from the top, creating the sensation we are in prescence of a Volcano.

Hundreds of years later, The Chalten Mountain Range, with its hanging glaciers and century-old Lenga forest, remains imposing and defying for all visitors magnetically drawn to the small Mountain Village of El Chalten. As the laguna de los tres trail, the most popular and beautiful path, makes its way through the Lenga forests, the Towering granite peaks appear totally dominating the scene, and a small though of give it a try and attemp the climb to the top starts to grow inside of oneself, from the casual hiker to the most seasoned climber.

Aonikenk-ChaltenAfter a strenuous Last trekking hour through a rocky zigzag steep stairs, the reward, the emerald Green Laguna de los Tres is the mesmerizing end of the trail for the hikers, or the base jump for the climbers looking to conquer the peak´s Summit.

Kallpa annual meeting with Tour Leaders

The Kallpa annual meeting with Tour Leaders was organiced at home, here in Kallpa Buenos Aires, last October 2nd to talk about expectations we and our clients have for the upcoming season.



Great expectation is in the air, certain uncertainty and anxiousness is merged in everybody’s faces, nobody knows precisely how tough the coming season will be! It was already knocking at the door when we recently met for the Intro briefing for season 2014 – 2015.

kallpa-annual-meeting-with-tour-leaders-3Some of the most significant topics we went through were: proactivity (forethoughts), security (anticipation), TL as an example, tools on the road (catalogue + ops. letter + manuals + intro-briefing and daily briefing) and good held lectures among many others.

Some core ideas were also handled to help our Tour Leaders, to make the most of their nice job to our common and distinguished passengers. Always keen to improve their services and represent every part effectively on the ground. It is a privilege to be ambassador at our own country and build up a working team on the field that allows guests to earn positive and human close experiences.


10 Tour Leaders could join us for the meeting, in which the experienced TL Daniel showed his personal and very successful way of introducing the trip and himself to a fresh arrived group, one of the most significant moments of their job. Other Tour Leaders could not assist because they were already travelling or split all around Argentina (Misiones, Tucumán, Mendoza, Río Negro, Santa Cruz) and even elsewhere in the World, but were also shared this meeting thereafter.

Expectations came down to the ground, lots of issues became certain and we all know that it is a promising but challenging season. And it is already running …

My trip to Europe by Romina Vaquero

Hello! I’m Romina Vaquero, Accountant Executive of Kallpa Tour, and I’d like to share with you my experience during the promotional trip.


All began last year at the season finale meeting where I was informed by the directors of the company that I would have the chance to travel abroad in March to meet in person the clients I work with everyday, that is to say, you.

I reacted to the news with mixed feelings: expectation, joy, nervousness and excitement for representing Kallpa and my colleagues, who work side by side with me in this activity that is very enriching at a personal and professional level.

romina-vaquero-5Gabriel and I designed the itinerary and activities for the trip, and then we informed our clients of my visit. They received the news with a lot of enthusiasm.

The day finally arrived. I found myself at Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires, luggage in hand, doing the check in before flying to the old continent. First stop: Berlin. There was I, after having imagined that moment for so long!

Already in Berlin, I leave for the fair located in the exhibition grounds of the city, a few minutes away from where I am staying. My curiosity grows minute after minute as I know that the ITB groups service providers in the tourism sector and it’s a great opportunity to meet clients and occasional visitors.

romina-vaquero-3After my accreditation as an expositor, I started my visit to this gigantic fair, with an astonishing number of expositors from the different areas that form part of the tourism industry at a global scale. Professionals representing airlines, tour operators, tourist offices, among others, are there with the same objective in mind: to make contacts, exchange ideas, and to lean about and discuss the evolution of the international tourist market.

After the rewarding experience at the ITB, I left Berlin for Holland to continue with my itinerary in order to visit clients and meet in person the colleagues with whom I work remotely on a daily basis.


After a few days in Holland, I returned to Germany to continue visiting clients as scheduled.

I had the chance to meet my colleagues and their workplace, and I could work remotely from home, which was a marvelous experience!


I treasure very good memories of this experience, especially for the kindness and politeness received in our meetings, which have allowed me to learn about and expand our clients’ profiles.

Thanks everybody for your warm welcome. I cannot but express my gratitude to Laura and Gabriel who offered me this opportunity and to my colleagues for their good wishes for the trip.

See you soon!