Getting closer to our 25th anniversary is something to celebrate. We are proud to present our new brand book. Changes will be rolling out at their own pace. The first step was the logotype, with a more simple & versatile design, to be consistently used among the many uses of the brand. To change one’s brand book is much more than just the logotype.

As your partners handling destination operations, our role is to be professional and efficient and to provide good information and clarity to travellers. Our first contact with them is in most occasions through the Welcome Package. That’s one of the first moments of truth.

We are enhancing travellers printed material and designing it as a unified piece combining all the necessary information. Reinforcing clarity and visibility. Also  making travellers know that there is a person taking care of their trip, and even showing a picture of the staff in charge.

Additionally, we are developing new formats for catalog and programmes to have a clearer and more attractive look of our offering and product lines. Our aim is to have a streamlined image design that improves communication with you, your staff and travellers. We want to have a fresh & stylish image that is also clear and beauty.

We hope you enjoy this new image identity as much as we do!